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The Elle logo is classic and sleek. The emblem speaks to the standards of female beauty and moderate extravagance. The publication teaches women individuality while helping them remain noble and deserving of respect.

Elle: Brand overview

Founded:21 November 1945
Founder:Hélène Gordon-Lazareff

Elle is a French magazine for women, published in 45 countries, and has 46 online versions. It includes materials on fashion, self-care, culture, health, lifestyle, and interviews with famous women. In France, it is published weekly; in other countries monthly. The total circulation is 340 thousand copies.

Meaning and History

Elle Logo History

Since its inception almost 80 years ago, the magazine’s emblem has remained unchanged and represents the tabloid as a model of fashion, taste, and beauty. The font conveys the overall style of the magazine with quality journalism and detailed consideration of all issues. Serious topics of politics, changes in legislation, the electoral process, and others have also found their place in the magazine’s pages. Every serif of the logo conveys seriousness and simultaneous lightness. It’s no coincidence that the publication’s slogan is: serious about frivolous, easy about serious.

What is Elle?

It’s a French women’s fashion magazine that is subscribed to by 21 million women and read online by more than 370 million each month. It is translated into 29 languages and owned by Czech Media Invest. Its headquarters are in Paris.

1945 – today

Elle Logo

The logo of the publication consists of the title written in large capital letters with serifs.

Translated from French, the name means “she” and points to the publication’s focus on a female audience. Interestingly, the name resonates with the name of the magazine’s founder, Hélène Gordon-Lazareff, indicating that Elle was conceived by a woman.

The pronoun indicates a composite image. Covering issues hypothetically interesting to all representatives of the female sex.

The letters of the inscription appear elongated at the top, hinting at the slimness and grace of the female figure. A model standard of thinness and tall stature. This approach shows that the magazine talks a lot about fashion and style.

The presence of serifs points to a sharp, attentive mind capable of logic and understanding details. Each magazine article is a complete example with interesting hooks and a clear, logical presentation of information. In the style of the letters, there is some stiffness and conservatism that convey the seriousness and rigor towards content, the absence of radical and screaming tendencies.

Font and Colors

The color of the inscription is monochromatic. The black palette indicates coverage of important issues. The contrast between the white background and the title presents the magazine as a standard of style and classic beauty.

The font of the inscription resembles Didonesque Medium Condensed. The triangular semi-circular glyphs in each letter resemble a woman’s scarf or neckerchief, which are often present in the image of French women. They are, like hooks, which know how to hook the reader and captivate with the material of the article.


Elle color codes

Squid InkHex color:#142237
RGB:20 34 55
CMYK:64 38 0 78
Pantone:PMS 289 C