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Emerald Airlines: Brand overview

Emerald Airlines, a new entrant to the regional airline market, was established in May 2020 in Dublin, Ireland. The initiative to create the airline came from a group of Irish aviation entrepreneurs and businessmen who identified a gap in the Irish and UK regional route market following the collapse of Stobart Air.

The emerging airline devoted more than a year to carefully planning its operations and purchasing aircraft before officially launching its services. In August 2021, Emerald Airlines announced a partnership with Aer Lingus to operate regional routes under the Aer Lingus brand.

Emerald Airlines welcomed three ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft into its inaugural fleet to begin operations. After a period of crew training and route development, the airline began scheduled passenger operations in February 2022.

Beginning with bases in Dublin and Manchester, Emerald Airlines initially operated flights to cities such as Belfast, Edinburgh, Exeter, and others. As of mid-2022, the airline had a staff of around 100 people, including pilots, flight attendants, and head office administrative staff.

In line with its ambitious development plans, Emerald Airlines intends to increase the scale of its operations by the end of 2022 by adding new ATR 72 aircraft to its fleet.

Meaning and History

Emerald Airlines Logo History

2020 – today

Emerald Airlines Logo

The Emerald Airways logo is a multi-layered logo. At the top are green and turquoise squares – a total of seven shapes arranged in three rows. Below the abstract geometric composition is the word “emerald.” Despite the fact that it is written in lowercase letters, it has a large size. To highlight this part of the inscription, the designers have highlighted it in black color. Below, on the right, is the smaller word “airways” with large gaps between the glyphs. It has the same turquoise color as some of the squares above. The smooth font with irregular abbreviations creates a friendly feeling.

The layered design gives the logo complexity and visual interest. The choice of green and turquoise symbolizes different aspects of air travel, such as safety and environmental responsibility. The contrast between the large black “emerald” and the smaller turquoise “airways” balances the logo while emphasizing the brand name. The wide gaps between the glyphs in “airways” create a sense of openness and airiness, which fits well with the nature of the aviation business.