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The Emerald Airways logo represents a multilevel design that creatively captures the brand’s identity through color, geometry, and typography. Here’s a comprehensive description of the logo’s components, their symbolism, and the additional context they convey.

Multicolored Geometric Composition:

  • Seven Squares: The top portion of the logo features seven squares in green and turquoise, arranged in three rows. These geometric shapes create a visually striking pattern that adds dimension to the logo.
  • Color Significance: Green and turquoise evoke freshness, growth, and tranquility. They can be associated with the environmental responsibility of the airline and the soothing experience it aims to provide its passengers.
  • Arrangement and Alignment: The structured arrangement of the squares imparts a sense of harmony and order, reflecting the airline’s commitment to precision and organization.

Typography and Lettering:

  • Lowercase “emerald”: Beneath the geometric pattern, the word “emerald” is written in large lowercase letters and colored black. This gives prominence to the part of the brand’s name that ties it to elegance and sophistication.
  • Turquoise “airways”: Positioned below “emerald” and aligned to the right, the smaller word “airways” is rendered in the same turquoise color as some of the squares. This creates a visual connection between the two components and reinforces the brand’s association with aviation.
  • Friendly Font: The smooth font with unconventional cuts adds a touch of friendliness to the design, projecting an approachable and customer-centric image.
  • Wide Intervals: The wide spacing between the glyphs in “airways” provides a sense of openness and breathability, contributing to a modern and spacious look.

Symbolism and Interpretations:

  • Unity and Diversity: The juxtaposition of different colors and sizes within the geometric shapes symbolizes the unity and diversity the airline aims to foster.
  • Innovation and Modernity: The abstract and minimalist design reflects the airline’s innovative approach and alignment with modern design principles.
  • Growth and Prosperity: The emerald green color is traditionally linked to growth, renewal, and prosperity, resonating with the airline’s aspiration for continuous growth and success.

Functional Considerations:

  • Versatility: The logo’s simple geometric design ensures its versatility, allowing for easy adaptation across various platforms and mediums.
  • Brand Recognition: The unique combination of colors, shapes, and typography makes the logo easily recognizable, strengthening brand recall.

Overall Messaging and Impact:

  • Quality and Reliability: The clean and structured appearance of the logo communicates a message of quality and reliability central to the airline’s services.
  • Global and Local Connection: Incorporating colors and shapes that resonate globally and specifically with the Irish context creates a balance between global appeal and local identity.

Emerald Airways: Brand overview

Founded:1987 – 2006
Founder:Andy Janes
Liverpool Airport, United Kingdom

Meaning and History

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