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The Erickson Inc. logo reflects the direction and ambition of the brand. It echoes key elements of aerospace and emergency response, reflecting the company’s goals. The logo symbolizes a business that combines innovation and mission-driven focus. Expresses Erickson Inc.’s commitment to excellence in specialized aerospace technologies.

Erickson Inc.: Brand overview

Erickson Incorporated, a prominent U.S. manufacturer of aerospace products and aviation services, has earned a global reputation for manufacturing and operating reliable heavy-lift helicopters. With decades of experience in the aviation industry, Erickson Incorporated is a leader in helicopter manufacturing and provides a wide range of critical services worldwide.

In 1971, Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated took to the air, beginning its amazing journey from its base in Portland, Oregon, USA. Since its inception, the company has experienced significant growth and development, solidifying its position as an industry leader known for its relentless pursuit of innovation and adherence to exceptional standards.

Operating globally, Erickson Incorporated operates an impressive fleet of 69 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, including 20 S-64 aircraft. This extensive presence allows the company to provide reliable and efficient air service in various regions.

Meaning and History

Erickson Inc. Logo History

What is Erickson Inc.?

Erickson Inc. is an American aerospace manufacturing and aviation services company that was founded in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1971. The organization began its journey with a clear goal: to provide innovative and reliable solutions for the aerospace industry. Erickson Inc. has continuously expanded its capabilities. In the early 1990s, it entered the aviation services business, which further expanded its portfolio. By the turn of the millennium, the company had significantly expanded its reach, providing a variety of aviation services around the world.

1971 – today

Erickson Inc. Logo

The aerospace company chose a sleek logo with an orange ellipse in place of the letter “O.” This ellipse is crossed by several white stripes that resemble helicopter blades. This choice of design is due to the fact that the company specializes in the production of firefighting equipment, in particular, helicopters S-64 Aircrane. The orange color symbolizes fire, and the rotor blades – helicopters. The other color of the emblem is gray, which emphasizes its professional nature. All letters are bold, uppercase, geometric, horizontally elongated, and located close to each other.

The choice of a gray background implies stability and reliability, which is often required in aerospace engineering. Horizontally elongated and closely spaced letters denote speed and efficiency, reflecting the dynamism of aerial firefighting operations.