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The emblem must express dynamics for a channel that covers sports news because active sports involve constant movement. Therefore, the ESPNews logo is filled with inner strength – the one that helps to break records and leads to an unconditional victory.

ESPNews: Brand overview

Founded:November 1, 1996
Founder:ESPN Inc.
Bristol, Connecticut, United States
ESPNews is an American cable channel created in 1996. The main activity is the coverage of sports news. Today, the emphasis is placed more on sports-related programs and TV shows than directly on the broadcast of sports events. In addition, ESPNews customers can broadcast radio programs from the channel.

Meaning and History

ESPNews Logo History

It must be understood that ESPNews is a subsidiary brand of the leading US sports television channel, namely ESPN. This company is engaged in broadcasting the most significant sporting events for the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that ESPNews has almost identical visual recognition elements.

For more than 20 years of existence of the cable channel, its logo has never changed. At the same time, it looks modern even now, allowing you to immediately associate ESPNews with the parent company, which is very popular far beyond the US. The sustainability and uniqueness of the logo also allow it to attract new viewers who have heard of ESPN and consider this channel synonymous with sports journalism, the best option for watching matches of their favorite team.

What is ESPNews?

This is a television channel through which sports fans have the opportunity to learn the latest sports news even without access to the Internet. We are talking not only about American leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL) but also major international competitions, up to the Olympic Games.

The ESPNews logo consists of only one element, namely the word caption. It does not contain a diverse range of colors, as only red is used. However, a feature of the logo is that, depending on its location (in the form of a TV channel emblem, placement on the website, etc.), it can change its hue from orange to burgundy. The red color was not chosen by chance, as many people associate it with passion and energy. The saturation of red allows you to attract the attention of potential customers who want to watch the match of their favorite team.

If we talk directly about the word inscription, then the name of the brand “ESPNews” is made in capital letters using a bold sans-serif font. The inscription looks stylish and attractive. Its feature is a thick horizontal line that visually separates the upper and lower parts of the letters. All letters have a minimal slant to the right, but this cannot be said to be italic. Rather, this effect is used to show the movement and development of the company and its aspiration to new heights. The distance between the letters is practically absent, which creates the impression of the unity of all characters.

Font and Colors

ESPNews Symbol

A bold sans-serif font with a minimum letter spacing was chosen for the word inscription. Thanks to confident capital letters, the logo immediately catches the eye against the background of competitors.

Subsidiary TV channel ESPNews decided not to change anything in the color palette of the parent company. As a result, red and its shades have been used from the moment of creation to the present day. In addition to associations with strength and passion, viewers have become accustomed to the original shade for such a long time. Therefore any changes can seriously affect the potential of the company.

ESPNews color codes

Alizarin CrimsonHex color:#e52534
RGB:229 37 52
CMYK:0 84 77 10
Pantone:PMS 185 C