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Estonian Air’s logo reflects the airline’s mission to provide comfortable and reliable travel. It is a unifying symbol that resonates with Estonian nationalism with the broader concepts of aviation safety and quality of service. The emblem stands for trust, setting a high standard of what to expect from a flight.

Estonian Air: Brand overview

Estonian Air, Estonia’s former national airline, has embarked on a unique journey, connecting passengers to 11 exciting European destinations between 1991 and 2015. With its main hub located at Tallinn Airport, the airline provides convenient flights for travelers seeking to explore the continent’s diverse regions.

From 1991-1996 and into 2010, Estonian Air was owned by the Estonian government, a proud moment of national ownership. In 2010, facing the threat of bankruptcy, the government stepped in and bought the airline from SAS Group, effectively saving it from financial ruin.

On November 7, 2015, Estonian Air was found to be in violation of EU regulations and was forced to return government funding. Unable to meet its financial obligations, the airline was forced to immediately cease operations, which began the liquidation process.

Meaning and History

Estonian Air Logo History

What is Estonian Air?

Estonian Air, Estonia’s respected flagship airline, served as a beacon of national pride from 1991 to 2015. An integral part of the Estonian aviation industry, the company played an important role in connecting the small Baltic country to the rest of the world. After Estonia’s independence, the company took to the skies, becoming a symbol of the country’s newfound freedom and global ambitions.

1991 – 2015

Estonian Air Logo

Estonian Air’s logo whimsically depicts the front of the fuselage, which serves as the starting point of the design. This stylized detail is represented by a single curved stroke with a pointed end. The remaining part mimics the middle and rear parts of the fuselage and takes the form of a long inscription. This is the name of the Estonian airline, typed in capital letters. The bold letters are placed at a minimum distance from each other, which visually imitates the shape of a pipe. Only the second segment of the name is slightly further away. All elements of the logo are in blue color.

Blue color means reliability and credibility, which is very important for the airline. The tubular shape created by the closely spaced letters emphasizes the aerodynamic efficiency of the company’s air fleet.