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Eurofly: Brand overview

Eurofly, an airline based in Milan, Italy, began its journey in 1989. It began as a charter and vacation airline, using Boeing 737 aircraft to transport vacationers from Italy to various European countries. In the mid-1990s, Eurofly transitioned from charter operations to scheduled and long-haul flights.

The company used wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft and gradually expanded its flight routes to include Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean. In the 2000s, Eurofly had more than 500 employees and a fleet of up to 15 aircraft. The company served around 1 million passengers annually, and its operating bases stretched as far as Rome and Bologna.

However, the new millennium presented challenges. High operating costs and increasing competition led to significant financial losses for Eurofly. The situation culminated in 2010 when Eurofly merged with Italian airline Meridiana to form Meridiana Fly.

After 21 years of operation, the Eurofly brand was completely phased out in 2010. However, the merged Meridiana Fly also faced financial difficulties and eventually ceased operations in 2018.

Meaning and History

Eurofly Logo History

1989 – 2010

Eurofly Logo

The bright red Eurofly logo embodies Italian emotionality and expressiveness. Its crimson color looks very optimistic and evokes images of picturesque sunsets. This is appropriate, as the airline specializes in tourist flights to resort countries, including Sri Lanka, Maldives, Greece, Spain, and Egypt. The italic font gives the impression that the lettering is rushing forward like a fast-flying airplane. Very bold letters draw attention to the name of the airline.

The use of bold and italic font also indicates a sense of urgency or excitement, which goes well with the idea of vacation and adventure. The choice of red, which is often associated with passion and energy, is in line with the airline’s specialization in tourist flights, designed to evoke a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation for travel.