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EuroLOT logo, prominently featuring the brand’s website address “” as its name, is a unique and notable aspect of the now-defunct Polish airline, which closed in 2015. This distinct design, comprising dark blue bold fonts without serifs, rounded corners, an unusual sharp protrusion in the letter “c,” and a large red-and-white spiral surrounding the letter “e,” reflects the company’s values, identity, and approach.

Dark Blue Text Color:

  • Professionalism: The dark blue is often associated with professionalism, trust, and dependability. It helped convey the company’s commitment to quality service and reliability.
  • Connection to Travel: Blue also symbolizes the sky and the vastness of the travel destinations the airline connected, reinforcing its primary business focus.

Bold Font Without Serifs & Rounded Corners:

  • Modern Look: Using a bold typeface without serifs imparted a modern, sleek appearance to the logo.
  • Softness and Safety: The rounded corners of the letters helped create a perception of softness, approachability, safety, and comfort—all essential aspects for an airline company.

Unusual Sharp Protrusion in “c”:

  • Distinctiveness: This unique design element added a touch of originality and set the logo apart from typical typefaces.
  • Visual Interest: This aspect added visual interest and curiosity by challenging conventional design norms.

Large Circle with Red-and-White Spirals around “e”:

  • Visual Symbolism: The large circle symbolizes unity and global connectivity, while the spirals signify movement, energy, and continuity.
  • National Colors: The red-and-white color scheme is a nod to the Polish national flag, subtly emphasizing the company’s roots and pride in its heritage.

Integration of the Website Address:

  • Digital Presence: By incorporating the website address into the logo, the company emphasized its digital accessibility and modern approach.
  • Ease of Access: This clever integration made it easy for customers to remember and access the airline’s website, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Overall Design Principles:

  • Coherence: Despite including several unique elements, the logo’s overall design maintained coherence and harmony.
  • Brand Alignment: Each aspect of the logo was aligned with the brand’s positioning, targeting, and strategic goals, creating a unified visual representation.

Reflecting Core Values:

  • Customer-Centric: The elements of softness, reliability, and accessibility reflected the company’s customer-centric approach.
  • Innovation and Creativity: The unconventional design choices exhibited the company’s innovative and creative spirit.

EuroLOT: Brand overview

Founded: 1996 – 2015
Founder: State Treasury of Poland and Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia
Warsaw, Poland

EuroLOT, a private airline originating in Warsaw, Poland, was inaugurated in 1996. Its main aim was to facilitate charter flights from Poland and Eastern Europe to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean region. With a single Boeing 737-500 fleet, EuroLOT began its journey by providing charter flights for vacationers.

In the following decade, EuroLOT experienced expansion, bringing its fleet size to more than 10 Boeing 737s. The airline broadened its range of services to include scheduled flights, complementing its staple holiday charter offerings. Its portfolio of destinations embraced sought-after vacation locales like Greece, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, and Italy.

With the post-Cold War era witnessing an economic upturn in Eastern Europe, the demand for air travel from Poland and neighboring regions rose. EuroLOT capitalized on this surge, transporting more than 700,000 passengers annually at its peak in the late 2000s. This growth established EuroLOT as Poland’s third-largest airline.

However, the aviation landscape started to shift with the emergence of low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air and Ryanair. EuroLOT found it challenging to maintain its profitability in this increasingly competitive market. Consequently, the airline was compelled to reduce its fleet size and limit the number of destinations it served in the early 2010s.

By April 2015, after nearly two decades of operation specializing in charter holiday flights from Eastern Europe, EuroLOT had to stop all operations due to continued financial struggles.

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