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European Air Express: Brand overview

European Air Express, a regional airline based in Mönchengladbach, Germany, was established in 1999. With a modest fleet of turboprop aircraft, the airline focused on domestic flights within Germany and a few routes to neighboring countries such as France and the United Kingdom.

As the new millennium dawned, European Air Express began expanding its fleet with larger regional jets and more destinations. The airline positioned itself primarily to serve secondary cities and vacation destinations, targeting mainly vacationers.

At its peak, European Air Express operated about ten airplanes that served about 30 destinations in Europe. The company had a staff of about 200 people, including pilots, flight attendants, and other employees. During its heyday, the airline served more than 500,000 passengers annually.

However, rising fuel prices and competition led to a decline in the airline’s profits. In 2007, after eight years in the airline industry, European Air Express was forced to cease operations due to mounting financial losses.

The collapse of European Air Express can be seen as a microcosm of the wider crisis that the European regional aviation sector was experiencing at the time.

Meaning and History

European Air Express Logo History

1999 – 2007

European Air Express Logo

Above the abbreviation “EAE,” which stands for “European Air Express,” there is an arch of five red stars. There is no space between the letters; they touch each other but do not merge due to the different colors. The blue “A” is between two red “E’s”. To the right and left of the monogram are two blue arcs pointing in opposite directions. These arcs give the logo dynamism and make it light and airy. Below in bold italic lowercase letters is the phrase “business airline,” indicating the focus of the company’s activities.

The color scheme – red, white, and blue – evokes the sense of reliability and professionalism that is usually associated with these colors. The use of arcs and stars suggests upward mobility and excellence – qualities that fit well with the airline’s business focus. The lack of spaces between the letters in the monogram gives a modern look, creating a compact yet expressive visual identity.