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The Evansville Purple Aces logo is easily placed on uniforms – since 1977, the department of the University of Evansville has been represented by a letter monogram. Ensuring ease of reading and recognition, it is succinctly executed in corporate colors.

Evansville Purple Aces: Brand overview

Evansville, Indiana, U.S.
The Evansville Purple Aces is a sports division that includes eighteen teams of the University of Evansville. They compete in the Missouri Valley Conference and have participated in NCAA Division I competitions since 1977. Before that, the teams competed in Division II. The department received its nickname in honor of the university’s mascot, Ace Purple. Its name reflects one of the university’s official colors. The complete palette includes purple, orange, and white.

Meaning and History

Evansville Purple Aces Logo History

For 33 years, sports teams have used a logo featuring a man in a purple jacket and a wide-brimmed hat. In the cartoon, the character’s left hand is a cane, and on the right is a flag with the inscription “UE.” This abbreviation is formed from the phrase “University of Evansville.”

In 2001, designers developed a new logo that lasted the next 17 years. In the center appeared the large word “Aces,” above it “Purple,” and at the very bottom, “Evansville.” The only graphic element was a five-pointed star connected by a long tapering stripe to the first “A.”

The current logo was introduced in 2019. It consists of a monogram made up of the university’s name’s uppercase letters. “U” is in the top left corner, and “E” is in the bottom right. They touch in the center, with “U” partially overlapping “E.”

What is Evansville Purple Aces?

Evansville Purple Aces is an intercollegiate sports program consisting of 18 teams formed from students of the University of Evansville. Located in Indiana, the team is part of the Missouri Valley Conference and competes in NCAA Division I. The most significant achievements have been made by players in baseball, basketball, and soccer.

1977 – 2000

Evansville Purple Aces Logo 1977-2000

2001 – 2018

Evansville Purple Aces Logo 2001-2018

2019 – today

Evansville Purple Aces Logo 2019-Present

Evansville Purple Aces Basketball

Evansville Purple Aces emblem

The women’s basketball team participated in the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament in 1999 and 2009. The men’s team was much more active: basketball players participated five times in NCAA tournaments and won five Division II championships, where they were until 1977.

Evansville Purple Aces Baseball

Evansville Purple Aces symbol

The Evansville Purple Aces baseball team competes in the Missouri Valley Conference. It is known that five of its former players have made it to Major League Baseball.

Evansville Purple Aces: Interesting Facts

The Evansville Purple Aces are a sports team from the University of Evansville in Indiana. They’re part of a big college sports group called the Missouri Valley Conference.

  1. How They Got Their Name: A long time ago, they were called the “Pioneers,” but a writer said they played so well in basketball and called them the “Purple Aces” because of their school colors. Everyone liked it, and the name stayed.
  2. Basketball Wins: Their men’s basketball team was amazing a while back. They won the national championship five times between 1959 and 1971 with a coach now famous in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  3. Sad Plane Crash: In 1977, a terrible accident happened when a plane with the basketball team crashed, and everyone on it died. The university remembers them with a special memorial.
  4. Moving Up: Right before the crash, the Purple Aces started playing in the top college sports group, showing they were ready for bigger challenges.
  5. Soccer: The soccer team is good too. They even won a big championship in 1985, sending many players to play professionally.
  6. Mascot Changes: Their mascot, Ace Purple, started as a riverboat gambler, fitting the city’s history. Over time, they changed its look to keep it fresh but connected to Evansville’s past.
  7. Women’s Teams Doing Great: The women’s teams, especially in soccer and softball, have had big wins, which shows that the school supports all its athletes.
  8. New Arena: In 2011, the basketball teams started playing in a new, modern arena downtown called the Ford Center. It’s a great place for fans and players during games.
  9. Smart Athletes: Besides sports, the athletes do well in school and win many academic awards. The university cares a lot about learning.

The Evansville Purple Aces stand out for their spirit and history of overcoming challenges and ensuring a great experience for everyone, from athletes to fans.

Font and Colors

Evansville Purple Aces color codes

Spanish VioletHex color:#52237f
RGB:82 35 127
CMYK:35 72 0 50
Pantone:PMS 2607 C
Safety OrangeHex color:#f36f21
RGB:243 111 33
CMYK:0 54 86 5
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
Russian VioletHex color:#381460
RGB:56 20 96
CMYK:42 79 0 62
Pantone:PMS 2617 C