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The Evergreen International Airlines logo serves as a beacon signifying the organization’s commitment to air travel and logistics solutions. The emblem reflects core values such as reliability and agility. It serves as a symbol of high standards and operational excellence in the ever-competitive world of aviation.

Evergreen International Airlines: Brand overview

In 1960, a visionary by the name of Delford M. Smith set out to create a truly extraordinary enterprise when he founded Evergreen International Airlines. Originally founded as a harvesting company in McMinnville, Oregon, it quickly expanded its horizons and became a prominent player in the airline industry. With its pioneering spirit and forward-thinking strategies, Evergreen International Airlines has become synonymous with excellence in the skies.

Evergreen International Airlines offers a wide range of services, including charter and scheduled flights, wet leases, specialized support to the U.S. military, and the U.S. Postal Service, with crew bases at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Evergreen International Airlines is a mysterious company with close ties to the CIA. Its contributions to the U.S. military and postal services, as well as the phasing out of its fleet and subsequent asset sale in 2013, attest to its profound influence.

Meaning and History

Evergreen International Airlines Logo History

What is Evergreen International Airlines?

Evergreen International Airlines was a prominent charter and cargo airline from McMinnville, Oregon, United States. The company played a significant role in the airline industry, offering various services to fulfill different logistical needs. Founded in the 1970s, the airline began as a small air cargo carrier but soon expanded its operations to include passenger service and specialized cargo services. Over time, the company flourished, developing an impressive global network. Despite its successes, the airline was forced to cease operations in 2013.

1975 – 2013

Evergreen International Airlines Logo

Three stripes with gently curved ends and a one-sided taper indicate the company’s affiliation with the aviation industry. Such a curve is characteristic of airplane wings and gives the emblem a sense of hidden dynamism. The concept of sharp and fast movement is emphasized by three wide semi-ovals resembling crescents. On the bend of these figures begins the name of the air carrier. The name is executed in a semicircular font, where some corners are smoothed, and others are straight and sharp. The letters are wide, uppercase, and embossed. A large ring is depicted on the left in the background.

The large ring in the background symbolizes the company’s broad scope or its commitment to the safety and completeness of services. The embossed capital letters convey a sense of reliability and strength, qualities highly valued in the aviation industry. The combination of smooth and sharp angles in the lettering symbolizes the duality of the aviation industry: a combination of smooth aerodynamics and precision engineering.