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Expedia Logo

Expedia Logo
Expedia Logo PNG

Expedia’s travel website is owned by the Expedia Group and nine other Internet platforms in a similar direction. The company that owns it was established in the mid-1990s and worked with Microsoft until 1999.

The multinational computer technology corporation did not plan to acquire an online booking system for tours, hotels, and services. She just wanted to release the guidebook on CD. But Richard Barton proposed creating an entire travel unit so that people can easily contact travel agencies. Bill Gates himself blessed the project, so Expedia had a great start and a promising future.

Meaning and History

Expedia Logo History
Evolution of the Expedia Logo

The logos of the online travel firm and its flagship website did not differ at first. They had a common symbol – an airplane circling the globe. That all changed in 2018 when Pentagram designed Expedia Group, Inc.’s new visual identity. So the parent company began using a blue and white emblem with a lowercase “e,” and its Internet brand remained with the old icon created in 2012. This distinction allowed a line to be drawn between the group and the web resource to show that it is not the same.

1996 – 2007 Logo 1996-2007

Expedia was founded in 1996. At the same time, it had a website of the same name with the domain “.com,” where everyone could order an air ticket, book a ticket, a cruise, a hotel, or rent a car. The logo of that time looked funny and cartoonish: the artists depicted the globe as a blue air bubble around which an airplane flew. The circular movement was indicated by long lines extending from the tail and enveloping it on the left side. On the right was a black inscription “”

2007 – 2010

Expedia Logo 2007-2010

In 2007, it was decided to remove the “.com” domain to no longer bind to a web resource. This is because the company owners wanted to show its globality, as it acquired localized sites for a dozen countries. The logo colors have become more colorful, and the lines replacing the plane’s tail have disappeared.


Expedia Logo 2010

When Expedia redesigned its logo, the air bubble and cartoon airplane were a thing of the past. It was an attempt to modernize the classic identity without departing from the old concept. It was part of a major rebranding by the Martin Agency.

The new logo also consists of a globe, an airplane, and an inscription. But the designers removed the sparkle that turned the globe into a bubble and added a radial gradient to show the volume. The plane is no longer yellow and cartoonish – it’s white and looks minimalistic. The word “Expedia” is not black but blue and is written in an unusual font.

2010 – 2012

Expedia Logo 2010-2012

A few months after the emblem’s global transformation, the company returned the yellow plane and repainted the turquoise balloon. The lettering got a little darker, but this did not affect the style of the letters.

2012 – 2021

Expedia Logo 2012-2021

In 2012, the designers removed the gradient, so the globe lost its three-dimensionality. They also updated the color scheme once again. Now both the balloon and the company name are painted in the same shade of blue, and the plane is in dark yellow. Another detail that the most attentive Expedia users may notice is replacing the TM badge with ®.

The emblem represents the main aspect of the brand. The plane flying around the globe is directly related to the tourism focus of the project. Realizing that this mark makes Expedia’s website recognizable, the parent company never changed it. She only decided on a small redesign to remove the cartoon style and update the color scheme.

Expedia Symbol

The elegant lettering consists of letters that vaguely resemble the Geometric 415 Std Medium lettering. Some of the lines are cut diagonally, making them appear to have serifs at the ends. Rounded shapes combined with sharp corners look contrasting.

A logo palette is much simpler than a font. It contains only two colors: Deep Lemon (# EEC218) for the aircraft and Dark Midnight Blue (# 00355F) for the company name and the globe.

2021 – present

Expedia Logo 2021-present

The company presented the updated logo in the spring of 2021. First of all, the designers corrected the font. They replaced Expedia Sans with a crisper headset that visually echoes the Gilroy Semi Bold. In addition, the color is darker, so it is now much richer so that light yellow elements stand out better. The third revision concerned the graphic part: the developers moved and turned the plane, which made it perfectly proportional to the round background and took its place exactly in the center.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Expedia Emblem

As a result of the modernization of the emblem, a different style of inscription appeared on it: the name of the tourist service is made in a font that most closely resembles Gilroy Semi Bold. It is thin, graceful, light, and grotesque. The yellow color has acquired a light shade, and the blue, on the contrary, has become a couple of tones darker.

Expedia Emblem