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A serious emblem is proof of a businesslike character. The logo of Express follows this principle. It is simple, practical, and not burdened with small details. Its main constructive feature is good visibility on any type of information carrier.

Express: Brand overview

Founder:Limited Brands
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Express is an American retail chain specializing in the sale of fashionable clothing for women and men. It includes over 500 stores located in the United States and beyond: in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The head office is located in Columbus, Ohio. The company was founded by Limited Brands in 1980.

Meaning and History

Express (clothing retailer) Logo History

The first store was called Limited Express because it belonged to Limited Brands and specialized in express delivery. These two words formed the basis of the naming. At that time, the store was located in Chicago, Illinois. The number of stores gradually increased, and after a few years, the brand became a real retail network where you could buy fashionable clothes not only for women but also for men (since 1987). Above the entrances of boutiques, there has always been a simple yet informative inscription consisting of the name.

What is Express?

Express is a chain of fashion stores that sell women’s and men’s clothing. The network was opened in 1980, being established by Limited Brands. Starting with a few sales outlets, it has now expanded to over 500.

1980 – today

Express (clothing retailer) Logo

The logo of Express is minimalist, like all emblems of fashion companies involved in tailoring or selling clothing. The retail fashion merchant focused on the name, choosing it as the main element of visual identity. The strict inscription in classic colors demonstrates how well the company masters the art of elegance and whether it can be trusted in selecting individual items. After all, the style of its products is strict, modern, and practical, which is directly reflected in the business logo.

  • The text mark is made with an uppercase font that lacks modernized glyphs – only the classic ones are present.
  • Smooth and even letters reflect the confidence of the fashion store chain, the desire to combine old and new views on fashion harmoniously, and the desire to dress the population in sophisticated items.
  • The distance between characters is minimal, but they do not merge, maintaining a clear appearance.
  • Bold glyphs have no protruding elements: both the legs and the tips are smooth and even, with a balanced alternation of rounded and angular lines.

Font and Colors

Express (clothing retailer) Emblem

The inscription in the Express logo is made with a chiseled font, reminiscent of Craft Gothic Bold by FontSite Inc. and Magnum Sans Pro Ex Bold (developed by FontMesa studio).

The corporate palette is no less modest than the font. It consists of only two colors: black (name) and white (background). Such monochrome is typical for fashion brands, so it looks harmonious.

Express (clothing retailer) Symbol

Express color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C