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The Fall Guys logo transports the user to the cheerful world of childhood, inviting them to transform on-screen into a cartoon character and participate in relays. The emblem promises many bright and pleasant emotions.

Fall Guys: Brand overview

London, England
Fall Guys is a popular creation of British Mediatonic, featuring competitions of individual participants in the form of bean-shaped cartoon heroes over several rounds. Losers are eliminated. Up to 60 players can participate simultaneously. The Fall Guys logo unites versions for computers and consoles.

Meaning and History

Fall Guys Logo History

A young team of programmers who had been working together since their student years worked on Fall Guys. The game was announced in 2019 and launched in 2020, entrusting the publishing to American Devolver Digital. The new project became the best for the company. No other game from Devolver had so many fans.

Despite its youth (the game is only two years old), the arcade has already gone through 3 logos, demonstrating the team’s constant work on improving the project.

What is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a platform game for group entertainment released by Epic Games. It combines elements of battle royale and arcade. The game is developed on the Unity engine and has high ratings (8 out of 10). Game versions are available for Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Windows x64.

2020 (early)

Fall Guy Logo 2020

Mediatonic had not had significant success for a long time after releasing the game Snowman Salvage in 2005. Only after joining the Tonic Games Group did they manage to develop a successful first version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The logo is a cartoon version of the game’s name. The first working versions, Fool’s Gauntlet and Stumble Chums didn’t catch on. Instead, Fall Guys turned out to be an extremely successful choice. Some translators interpret the title as “Autumn Guys,” but a more accurate translation is “Falling Guys.” The name reflects the chaos unfolding on the screen as the tiny bean-shaped minions fall in different directions, overcoming obstacles.

In the emblem, the title is placed on two levels. The large word “Fall” draws attention to the dangers and large barriers. The small word “Guys” hints at the small size of the competition participants.

The rounded letters and colors of the words convey the smooth lines of the obstacles and shades of the playing field. The eyes that look out of the hole in the letter A resemble a bean in a costume.

Below the title, the phrase “ultimate knockout” is added. It emphasizes that players not only compete with each other but also hinder each other in overcoming obstacles. Those who fail, like a knockout, leave the playing field forever.

2022 (outdated)

Fall Guys Logo 2022

In 2021, the parent company of the developers was acquired by the largest holding company, Epic Games, generating a profit of 19 billion dollars. Inspired by new prospects, the Mediatonic team decided to add new modes and accounts to the game.

The updated game logo lost the “ultimate knockout” addition. Otherwise, it almost entirely matches the first version.

The color palette became lighter, indicating the ease and humor of battles. The receding letter shadows create the illusion of fast-forward movement, emphasizing the dynamic obstacle course.

The slight tilt of the words demonstrates the absence of a flat plane, constant scenario changes, and unpredictability. All of this knocks the ground out from under the players’ feet.

2022 – today

Fall Guy Logo

The modern, updated logo, which has evolved from previous versions as the game improved, includes not only the title but also a background with multicolored stripes (yellow, brown, raspberry, and blue) with rounded ends. This directly points to the game characters and their colors.

The stripes enhance the sense of fun and excellent mood emanating from the logo image.

Font and Colors

Fall Guy Emblem

Raspberry and blue are the primary logo colors. These shades remind us of sweets, making the game appealing and “childish.” The logo creates an atmosphere of a fairy tale, entertainment, and fun.

  • Pink. At the beginning of the game, all Fall Guys characters are painted raspberry pink. Due to the variety of costumes, this may not be immediately noticeable. Artist Dan Hoang was responsible for creating these images. Later, variations appear in the form of Banana, Silent, and Clovis. Many obstacles also have a raspberry hue.
  • Blue. The second primary color for characters is characteristic of the Clovis variety.

Fall Guy Symbol

The logo font is Metcon Heavy, with added shadows to create a volumetric effect.

Fall Guys color codes

Dark TurquoiseHex color:#2fd8de
RGB:47 216 222
CMYK:79 3 0 13
Pantone:PMS 3262 C
Persian RoseHex color:#f73ca3
RGB:247 60 163
CMYK:0 76 34 3
Pantone:PMS 806 C
OnyxHex color:#373839
RGB:55 56 57
CMYK:4 2 0 78
Pantone:PMS 447 C