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Fallout Logo

Fallout Logo
Fallout Logo PNG

The Fallout video game series plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the protagonist has to survive, complete his mission, and thwart radiation mutants’ plans. Interplay Entertainment developed the first part (1997), and Black Isle Studios developed the second (1998). They practically did not differ, except for the detail of the game universe.

The new millennium has seen the transition from isometric RPG to open-world action / RPG. And all thanks to Bethesda, which bought the Fallout license and created two more parts: the third (2008) and the fourth (2015).

Meaning and History

Fallout Logo History
Evolution of the Fallout Logo

The Fallout was originally planned as a sequel to the post-nuclear RPG Wasteland, but the developers could not obtain permission from the owner. So they had to come up with a plot, name, and emblem for the RPG from scratch, although the new series of video games remained the spiritual successor of Wasteland. The dark atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world is reflected in the logos of all four Fallout games.


Fallout 1 Logo 1997

The emblem of the first game, released in 1997, contains its full name. The inscription “Fallout A POST NUCLEAR ROLE PLAYING GAME” is depicted on a rectangular plaque, with the first word taking up the main space and the rest at the bottom. The text is supplemented with two pictures: a radiation hazard symbol and a gas mask. They hint that the action takes place in a fictional universe that has survived a nuclear war.


Fallout 2 Logo 1998

In 1998, the second part of the series appeared, and with it a new logo. It is similar in shape to the previous one, except that the designers removed the background rectangle and left the inscriptions inside two parallelograms with partially rounded corners. A voluminous purple circle with the number 2 appeared on the right. This emblem in design resembles not the usual plate but a metallic and shiny part of the mechanism.


Fallout 3 Logo 2008

Fallout 3 was released after Bethesda acquired the license for a series of post-apocalyptic video games. The new developer has changed the design of the fictional universe and the design of the logo. He removed unnecessary details and left a single parallelogram with a black border and the words “Fallout 3” on a dappled background.


Fallout 4 Logo 2015

The Fallout 4 emblem contains a title for the game that doesn’t look 3D for the first time. The lettering is inside a white rectangle with rounded sides. The outer border is outlined with a thin black line.

Each part of Fallout has its distinctive mark. But if in the first version it was a complex drawing with a lot of colors, details, and inscriptions, then by 2015, the design had become much simpler. The developers followed minimalism, leaving only the game’s main title and white background with a frame.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Fallout Emblem

The word “Fallout” is written in italic sans-serif type in all logos. Its main features are the uneven stroke width, the truncated top “t,” and the lightning bolt inside the “o.” The lettering resembles Overseer Oblique, but only because typographer Neale Davidson used Fallout emblems to create a neo-grotesque font family. The proportions of the characters are balanced; the letter spacing is minimal.

Fallout Symbol

The color palette of the first three logos contains dark and cool tones. The designers chose brown, black, gray, and purple shades for the main role, adding a gradient and light highlights. In this regard, the Fallout 4 icon is noticeably different because it is monochrome. It combines only two colors: black and white.