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The Final Fantasy 7 logo captures the essence of the game; it contains elements from the science-fiction universe. Additionally, the emblem highlights the emotional and dramatic aspects: it reflects the danger that potentially threatens the planet Gaia.

Final Fantasy 7: Brand overview

Final Fantasy 7 is the seventh installment in the large series of RPGs with the same name. It became famous immediately after its release in 1997. It revolutionized the Western gaming world, introducing gamers to a new genre, as before the release of FF7, almost no one in the West knew about the existence of Japanese role-playing games. The plot revolves around the planet Gaia, within which streams of spiritual energy circulate. The main characters have to save this place because the villain named Sephiroth plans to take all its energy for himself.

Meaning and History

Final Fantasy 7 Logo History

Yoshitaka Amano created logos for almost all Final Fantasy games, including the seventh part of the series. He is guided by his imagination in creating illustrations, as he has to do it without graphical references. Game developers simply provide Amano with a textual description of the plot and information about the characters, and he independently conceives their visual representation.

In the case of Final Fantasy 7, the central part of the concept is the Meteor, which the Black Materia spell can summon to crash into the planet Gaia. The Japanese artist admitted that it was difficult for him to draw the emblem for this game as he was unsure about the outcome. He created several versions and handed them over to the project developers for them to make the final choice.

What is Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 7 is an RPG video game developed in 1997 by the Japanese studio Square. It is part of the main Final Fantasy series, where the plot of each part is based on the struggle of good versus evil in a science-fiction world. The game was released on the PlayStation console and was awarded multiple accolades for its interesting concept, high-quality graphics, soundtracks, and gameplay.


Final Fantasy 7 Logo

In the foreground is the name of the role-playing video game. This is characteristic of all emblems of the franchise. Traditionally, the inscription is made in a narrow, elongated font with serifs and underscored by a horizontal line.

The large white-turquoise sphere in the background is the Meteor. According to the plot, it was summoned by Sephiroth using the magical artifact Black Materia. The villain wants the Meteor to crash into the planet Gaia because Lifestream will gather at the point of impact. This river flows in the bowels of the planet and is essentially its circulatory system. It is filled with spiritual energy, which, after the death of animals, plants, and humans, merges into one stream, necessary for the life of the next generations.

The planet is comparable to a living being: if it gets a “wound,” the immune system directs a lot of energy to that spot. Sephiroth plans to trigger this process, absorb Lifestream, and become a deity. Throughout the game, he manipulates the main characters to bring him the Black Materia; hence, the logo is directly connected to the plot.

On the Final Fantasy 7 emblem, the Meteor looks like a huge sphere with a long dark-turquoise tail. Behind it is depicted a small dot. Presumably, this is Materia – another important element of the game. It allows characters to be improved, adding new spells, enhancing characteristics, and gaining skills and abilities.

Font and Colors

Final Fantasy 7 Emblem

The font used in the logos of the Final Fantasy game series is not precisely known. But it is roughly similar to Enge Etienne by Castcraft Software Inc. and Runic Std Condensed by Gerry Powell. It is characterized by narrow, vertically elongated letters with short and sharp serifs.

Final Fantasy 7 Symbol

The turquoise color represents the energy of Lifestream, as in the game, greenish streams appear to be flowing beneath the surface of the planet Gaia. The white gradient focused on the front part of the meteorite creates a sense of rapid flight and helps to highlight the black inscription.