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The Final Fantasy XIV logo is very warlike. It indicates the coordinated work of the army to defend territories from the enemy. The emblem focuses on the team’s diversity of weapons and races, which shows that the participant will find themselves in a very interesting environment.

Final Fantasy XIV: Brand overview

Founded:September 30, 2010 – 2012
Founder:Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth part of a series of 15 official role-playing games released by Square Enix. There are up to 95 Final Fantasy games, based on which two anime and five films were made. The 16th main game is expected in early 2024. The fourteenth version includes six corrections and four add-ons. The game has 27 million registered players.

Meaning and History

Final Fantasy XIV Logo History

Final Fantasy is a series. Therefore, the choice of the emblem image is inextricably linked with the game world of the previous 13 parts. Interestingly, group logos are characteristic only of two games out of 15. The rest of the signs are solitary creatures: Judge Gabranth, Yuna, and the healer Oracle. The author of most of the logos is Yoshitaka Amano – the main artist of the series. His pen is responsible for the unusual, light, and mobile characters. The Final Fantasy XIV emblem didn’t last long. The game was heavily criticized. Therefore, under the leadership of Naoki Yoshida, the original 14th version was replaced in 2012 by a more perfect 2.0, which had stunning success, as did all its subsequent additions. The old logo was redrawn for the new version.

What is Final Fantasy XIV?

The failed 14th part of the fantasy role-playing game, where the player tries to prevent the invasion of the Garlean Empire and protect the Eorzea region, the plot develops as dungeons are explored, defenses and battles with monsters, performing quests for which you can get experience and items.

2010 – 2012

Final Fantasy XIV Logo

The game’s logo depicts an army of 14 characters corresponding to the part number. The drawing features representatives of 8 gaming races. At the initial stage, the user accesses two classes of each race. In the future, access to the rest will be opened. Not all elements of creatures in the sign are visible, emphasizing gradual access.

The group resembles a militant sphere with sharp spears and swords sticking out in a circle. There are a lot of battles in the game, so weapons are an integral part of the character—the character’s class changes when the weapon changes. Therefore, the emblem emphasizes axes and swords.

The sphere shape hints at the planet Hydaelyn, where the events occur.

The choice of a group of characters for the logo underscores the importance of teamwork. Each player is directed to a specific part of the world with a separate task. Accomplishing the assigned mission contributes to the overall progress of the game.

The arrangement of the characters in a circle conveys the idea of protecting the land of Eorzea from evil. The characters are vigilantly watching the space in front of them. The heroes’ gaze is very militant. One of the members looks straight at the viewer from bottom to top and is ready to pierce him with a sword if he tries to approach.

The title is written in the foreground on the right in the original black font. Below it is indicated that the gameplay takes place online. Final Fantasy is a multiplayer game in which tasks are performed in real-time. Upon entering the world, the participant chooses a server to connect to. They can interact not with computer-controlled units but with real characters.

Font and Colors

The image’s coloration gradually changes from dark blue in the background, through green in the center and yellow on the sides, to red in the front. The change signifies the diversity of the game world. It hints at the process of synthesis, in which the color changes.

The font of the inscription is the same for all games in the series. The words Final Fantasy are a trademark written using Runic Font MT. The elegant, elongated upward letters with serifs and thin white outlines indicate the gradual growth and development of the character.

Final Fantasy XIV color codes

Smoky BlackHex color:#090101
RGB:9 1 1
CMYK:0 89 89 96
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C