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The FINNAIR logo is a visual symbol of the brand’s uniqueness and importance in the world of air travel. The text “FINNAIR” in large bold italics draws attention and emphasizes dynamism and modernity. The cut edges of the letters “F,” “N,” “A,” and “R” symbolize the speed and ease of flight and convey the feeling of takeoff and landing. The dark blue color of the logo has its symbolism: it is associated with reliability, stability, and professionalism, which reflects the importance of safety in the aviation industry.

FINNAIR’s tradition includes customer focus, innovation, and sustainability. The brand is committed to providing the best flight experience for its passengers, constantly looking for new ways to improve its services. It is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental responsibility, highlighting its importance and role in today’s world.

The FINNAIR emblem generally reflects the company’s values and commitment to innovation and quality in passenger service while maintaining its recognition and leadership in the global air transportation market.

Finnair: Brand overview

Founded:1 November 1923
Founder:Finnair Group
Helsinki Airport Vantaa, Finland
Finnair is the official airline of Finland, with a net profit of around 170 million euros and more than 5 thousand employees. Its air fleet includes 80 vessels flying to 130 destinations across two continents. It’s part of the Oneworld alliance.

Meaning and History

Finnair Logo History

The company was founded in the early 20th century, in 1923, but the first known Finnair logo appeared in 1968. Initially, the company was called Aero Osake-yhtiö. Only after the war, in 1946, the state bought a large portion of the company’s shares, beginning to influence its development. As it grew, the idea arose to change the name to something more scalable, suitable for a national carrier.

The company unofficially used the name Finnair in 1953 but registered it in 1968. That’s when the first corresponding logo appeared. By then, the company had already owned a fleet of jet vessels for long-haul flights. Therefore, it chose the ambitious theme of intercontinental flights worldwide for its identity. However, it failed to meet the goal fully, and in subsequent years the sign was changed to a wordmark without images.

What is Finnair?

Finnair is a Finnish state airline with an extensive network of flights within the country and international flights to Asia, Europe, and North America. The company’s fleet is comprised of Airbus planes. Around 12 million people use the carrier’s services each year, although this number dropped to 3 million in 2022 due to the pandemic.

1968 – 2000

Finnair Logo 1968

The first logo consisted of a blue circle, symbolizing the globe. The choice indicated the aspiration to establish flights worldwide. The color corresponded to the sky, the airy atmosphere in which the airliners fly, and the image of the planet when viewed from above, from space.

Against the backdrop of the globe was a stylized white airplane in the shape of the letter F – the first letter in the company’s name. When looking at the logo, it seems as if the airliner proudly glides around the planet.

The company name in large, blue capital letters followed the image. The company’s name is compound, comprising two words – Finland and air or airlines. A slight inclination gave the impression that the inscription, like a ribbon, was flying across the sky, carried by the plane.

2000 – 2010

Finnair Logo 2000

In 1999, Finnair joined Oneworld, the third-largest airline alliance. The participation allowed it to expand and create a subsidiary company in Estonia – Aero Airlines. To reflect this expansion, the carrier’s logo was revised.

A darker shade of blue in the letters indicated increased experience and capabilities, conveying more confident market positions. A similar effect was brought by the change from a circle to a square. The precision and logic can be read in straight lines. The four sides of the figure are like the four points of the compass where the company aims to expand.

Inside the square is a part of the globe, against which a white company airplane is flying.

The new emblem was developed by the company SEK & Grey.

2010 – today

Finnair Logo

In the most recent emblem and aircraft livery updates, the company SEK& Grey also participated. The logo was chosen word-based with dark blue ribbon letters with rounded edges. The logo reflects harmony and the desire to please passengers. Encoded in its soft lines are light, safe flights.

The airplane symbol from the stylized F also changed to a dark blue but is now used separately from the main logo.

Font and Colors

The company did not randomly choose blue for the logo. It expresses the technical perfection of the airliners and the professionalism of pilots and flight attendants. It’s no wonder Finnair is considered very punctual.

The color inspires passengers’ trust. It hints at a sober mind and precise following of instructions, which gives confidence in a calm flight. And this corresponds completely to reality. The company ranks 6th in the ranking of the safest. Over the past 50 years, it has had no crashes or emergencies.

The cool color palette is associated with the coolness of Finland and its blue lakes. The blue shades are connected with the sky, conquered by the carrier’s airplanes.

The font is unique. The letters seem laid out from ribbons, resonating with lightness and airiness. The slight forward tilt indicates movement.

Finnair color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#0a2d72
RGB:10 45 114
CMYK:91 61 0 55
Pantone:PMS 288 C