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The FINNAIR logo is a visual symbol of the brand’s uniqueness and importance in the world of air travel. The text “FINNAIR” in large bold italics draws attention and emphasizes dynamism and modernity. The cut edges of the letters “F,” “N,” “A,” and “R” symbolize the speed and ease of flight and convey the feeling of takeoff and landing. The dark blue color of the logo has its symbolism: it is associated with reliability, stability, and professionalism, which reflects the importance of safety in the aviation industry.

FINNAIR’s tradition includes customer focus, innovation, and sustainability. The brand is committed to providing the best flight experience for its passengers, constantly looking for new ways to improve its services. It is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental responsibility, highlighting its importance and role in today’s world.

The FINNAIR emblem generally reflects the company’s values and commitment to innovation and quality in passenger service while maintaining its recognition and leadership in the global air transportation market.

Finnair: Brand overview

Founded: 1 November 1923
Founder: Finnair Group
Helsinki Airport Vantaa, Finland

Meaning and History

Finnair Logo History

1968 – 2000

Finnair Logo 1968

2000 – 2010

Finnair Logo 2000

2010 – today

Finnair Logo

Finnair color codes

Dark Sapphire Hex color: #0a2d72
RGB: 10 45 114
CMYK: 91 61 0 55
Pantone: PMS 288 C