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The team spirit and the desire for a common goal show the FiveM logo. You can reach the top in different ways, but only together. The emblem shows communication, friendliness, and a well-thought-out game strategy.

FiveM: Brand overview

Founded:1 October 2013
Founder:Rockstar North
FiveM is a modification of the multiplayer video game Grand Theft Auto V. It allows you to compete with other users online on dedicated servers. They operate on – a long-term development framework that has existed in various forms since 2014, and is the original basis for the multiplayer version of GTA V. The main concept of the project is to unite into a single community of players, server owners and moderators.

Meaning and History

FiveM Symbol

The first and most important criterion that FiveM provides is limitless possibilities. The virtual platform provides optimal conditions both for playing the game and for the formation of an individual regime. In this regard, the service has no equal, because it allows you to use custom maps, weapons, vehicles and much more in the stream. And all this is directly in dynamics. And with wide support for multiple programming languages, anyone can choose the one that suits them best and get started quickly.

The modification also provides for convenient synchronization for users, because it uses Rockstar – improved network code. Moreover, it allows servers to save the original AI, therefore, gamers do not have to compete alone – there will always be other users. But the service itself does not change the personal installation of GTA V, and players can freely switch between GTA: O and FiveM without the risk of being banned.

What is FiveM?

FiveM is a modification of the multi-platform computer game GTA 5. It has its community, a separate client and server without standard restrictions. The original GTA Online code was used to create it.

However, those who wish get unlimited opportunities to create their own game mode only with certain hardware requirements. They concern a system that must not be lower than Windows 8.1. And in order to understand everything in detail, the official site offers a section with standard questions and answers. Like the FiveM modification, it is easily recognizable by its original emblem. And she’s only one.

The visual identity of the project is conveyed by the inverted Roman numeral V. It simultaneously expresses the English “v” from the word Five and the capital “M”, which also contains a similar detail. In addition, this element denotes the five from the multiplayer video game Grand Theft Auto V. That is, it is a symbol with a deep concept. Over the years of its existence, the geometric figure has become a bright identification mark for all FiveM lovers.

FiveM: Interesting Facts

FiveM is a mod for “Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA V) that lets players enjoy multiplayer games on special servers with custom settings. It’s known for being very flexible and offering a unique multiplayer experience.

  1. Custom Multiplayer: Unlike GTA Online, FiveM lets players join servers with their mods, rules, and play styles. This includes everything from realistic role-playing to custom races and heists.
  2. Made by the Community: Volunteers develop FiveM with lots of input from players. This open approach has helped it become very successful.
  3. Runs Separately from Rockstar Games: FiveM doesn’t use Rockstar Games’ servers but still uses GTA V’s game assets. This setup allows for unique multiplayer games without affecting your official game status.
  4. Role-Playing Servers: A big draw is the role-playing servers, where players act out life-like scenarios. These servers have specific rules to make the experience as real as possible.
  5. Custom Content: Server admins can add new items, scripts, and features to GTA V through FiveM. This can include new cars, weapons, and even gameplay mechanics.
  6. Supports Lots of Players: FiveM servers can handle way more players at once than GTA Online, making for lively and full game worlds.
  7. In-Game Economy: Many servers have their money systems. Players can earn cash in the game to buy vehicles, properties, and more, adding depth to the gameplay.
  8. Advanced Mods: FiveM lets modders do more than just change the game. They can create new game modes, use programming languages for more complex mods, and integrate other software to improve server management.
  9. Easy Custom Content: The mod has a system that streams custom content to players. You don’t have to manually download and install mods to join a server with custom content.

FiveM showcases the creativity and commitment of the GTA V community, offering an alternative multiplayer experience that encourages innovation, community involvement, and endless gameplay possibilities.

Font and Colors

FiveM Emblem

The logo is based on two wide stripes connected at an angle: on the outside, the angle is removed, and on the inside, it is left sharp. At the same time, it is not just an inverted victory symbol “V” – the sign is formed from many separate geometric shapes of different shapes. It has a trapezoid, a triangle and several rectangles cut obliquely on one side. They are formed by the negative space created by the white lines crossing the icon at the top.

For the visual identity of FiveM, the developers made an emblem without text. But if you perceive the existing symbol as an inverted “V”, then it should be noted that this is a chopped letter (sans serif) of an individual design.

The corporate palette consists of a single color – orange. For the logo, the authors chose a warm shade under the code # ff6f00. It is bright and clearly stands out against a dark background, denoting not only the modification of the video game, but also the web resource associated with it.

FiveM color codes

Safety OrangeHex color:#ff6f00
RGB:255 111 0
CMYK:0 56 100 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C

What does the FiveM logo mean?

At first glance, the FiveM logo is very simple: it looks like the letter A without a horizontal stroke, cut in three places. On the other hand, this element looks like an inverted Roman numeral 5 (a reference to Grand Theft Auto 5), a V (an allusion to the word Victory), and an M fragment (from the name FiveM).

How big is a FiveM logo?

The server logo must be 96×96 pixels in size and PNG format for correct display. This is the only format supported by FiveM.