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Florida Atlantic Owls Logo
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Florida Atlantic Owls are ten women’s and eight men’s teams representing Florida Atlantic University at the NCAA Division I (FBS) competitions and participate in Conference USA. The sports program appeared in 1979. The owl mascot was adopted much earlier, even when the university was opened. The fact is that these birds have always been found on the educational institution’s territory, and the construction of new campuses could harm their natural habitat. Therefore, the National Audubon Society recognized the university grounds as the official “sanctuary” of the owl to prevent buildings’ erection.

Meaning and History

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo History
Evolution of the Florida Atlantic Owls Logo

The logo, adopted in 1994, depicts a flying owl. She spread her wings wide and put forward her paws. Across is the inscription “FAU” – a reference to the name of the university. Red slanted letters have small serifs and a white outline with dark blue shadows. The latter gives them a barely noticeable 3D effect.

The redesign led to the fact that in 2005 sports teams had a completely new emblem, not similar to the previous one. This is a sketchy head of an owl, consisting of a horizontal ellipse, semicircles, and other geometric shapes in white and blue. It is supplemented by a small inscription “Florida Atlantic” on a red ribbon and large letters “FAU.” An interesting solution was the wings on the sides of the “F” and “U.” They indicate a close relationship between the university and the owls.

1994 – 2004

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo 1994-2004

2005 – today

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo 2005-Present

Florida Atlantic Owls Football

Florida Atlantic Owls emblem

The university acquired an American football team in 2001. It turned out to be very successful and, after four seasons, moved from FCS to FBS, joining the Sun Belt Conference. Currently, the players are coached by Willie Taggart.

Florida Atlantic Owls Baseball

Florida Atlantic Owls symbol

In 2006-2007 The Florida Atlantic University baseball team was recognized as one of the best at the Sun Belt Conference. Also, the team entered the top 10 NCAA in five categories. Shortly before that, in 2002, basketball players won their first victory at Super Regional.