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The Flydubai logo is a bright and memorable symbol of the brand. It includes the words “fly” and “dubai,” which reflect the company’s core values of freedom of movement and attachment to its home city of Dubai.

The orange color of the word “fly” symbolizes the speed, dynamics, and energy that are associated with travel and forward movement. And the light blue color of the word “dubai” reflects the maritime theme and highlights Dubai’s importance as a hub and place where the world meets.

The dot to the right of the logo is interpreted as a marker of the destination to which flydubai is heading or as a symbol of new opportunities that await customers on future journeys.

The letters “a” and “i” combined in the word “dubai” give the logo a unique and original look. They emphasize hospitality and innovation, which are key values.

The overall concept of the Flydubai emblem reflects the desire for innovation in the aviation industry. She highlights the importance of freedom of movement and the company’s connection to Dubai.

Flydubai: Brand overview

Founded: 19 March 2008
Founder: Government of Dubai
Dubai International Airport Dubai, UAE

Meaning and History

Flydubai Logo History

Flydubai color codes

Safety Orange Hex color: #ff8200
RGB: 255 130 0
CMYK: 0 49 100 0
Pantone: PMS 151 C
Medium Persian Blue Hex color: #036496
RGB: 3 100 150
CMYK: 98 33 0 41
Pantone: PMS 647 C