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Focusrite: Brand overview

Founder:Rupert Neve
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Originating in the United Kingdom, Focusrite is a prominent manufacturer in the audio equipment industry, renowned for creating recording interfaces, preamps, and microphones, among other products. Established in 1985, Focusrite aims to deliver high-grade audio gear at affordable prices for a wide audience, including musicians, music producers, and recording studios.

The company is notably recognized for its Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces, which have gained popularity as reliable solutions for home recording. Besides the Scarlett series, Focusrite’s diverse product lineup includes the Clarett and Red interfaces, ISA microphone preamps, and Platinum audio modules.

In 2004, Focusrite expanded its operations by acquiring the revered British console producer Soundcraft and its associated companies. This move further solidified Focusrite’s position in the audio equipment industry. Today, Focusrite’s equipment is trusted by home studio enthusiasts, musicians, podcasters, and recording professionals worldwide.

With its robust portfolio and unwavering commitment to quality, Focusrite has garnered numerous industry accolades, including NAMM’s prestigious “Best in Show” award for its Clarett audio interfaces. The company maintains its headquarters in High Wycombe, England, with additional Los Angeles and Hong Kong offices, facilitating distribution to over 160 countries worldwide.

In 2021, Focusrite became a part of Sequential, an American music gear company, in a deal worth $274 million. Despite this acquisition, Focusrite remains committed to its UK roots in product design and engineering, while most of its manufacturing processes occur in China.

Meaning and History

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What is Focusrite?

Established in 1985, Focusrite has been a game-changer in audio technology through its trailblazing products. Under the guidance of the revered Rupert Neve, the company has ascended to a world-leading figure in audio tech, creating, producing, and distributing tools that aid musicians and recording engineers in actualizing their artistic ideas. From their breakthrough ISA 110 mic preamp, which catapulted Focusrite into prominence, to their present-day assortment of state-of-the-art audio devices, the company persistently defines industry benchmarks for high standards.

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