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Forest Essentials: Brand overview

In 2000, Forest Essentials, the brainchild of Meera Kulkarni, was born in the bustling city of New Delhi. What started as a humble venture to offer authentic Ayurvedic beauty and wellness products soon caught the attention of the public. By 2003, the company opened its flagship retail store in the heart of Delhi, a significant step in its growth.

Between 2004 and 2007, Forest Essentials expanded its horizons, growing its product range from skin care to hair care. However, the brand’s ambitions were not limited to Indian shores. By 2007, the company began to expand internationally, introducing its products in premium stores in the Middle East. This expansion culminated three years later with the opening of a dedicated branch in Dubai, complemented by the launch of a dedicated online portal.

2011 was another pivotal year for Forest Essentials. Having received investment from L Capital Asia, the brand embarked on an accelerated growth trajectory that allowed it to increase the number of store openings. In 2015, the brand became firmly entrenched in the Indian world with over 30 outlets in key cities and a robust international supply chain.

Today, as of 2023, Forest Essentials boasts an impressive range of over 200 products, caters to customers in over 50 stores located across India and offers worldwide delivery. Some milestones can be highlighted along the way:

  • The humble creation of the Miroi brand in 2000.
  • Entering the Middle East in 2007.
  • Investment partnership with L Capital in 2011.

Meaning and History

Forest Essentials Logo History

What is Forest Essentials?

Founded by Mira Kulkarni in 2000, Forest Essentials is an online retailer with an online platform offering luxury Ayurvedic products crafted with ancient Indian traditions and modern innovations, providing unrivaled skincare and relaxation to its customers around the world. Based in the dynamic city of New Delhi, the company masterfully blends age-old Indian knowledge with modern innovations to create an exclusive online marketplace.

2003 – 2020

Forest Essentials Logo 2003

2020 – today

Forest Essentials Logo

An Indian cosmetics company based on Ayurvedic principles has chosen a discreet logo with a plant theme. It depicts a tree with a powerful canopy filling the entire background circle. At the same time, it is an ancient pattern in the national style. The name of the brand is associated with the forest, so that no other image will do. The white trunk with white branches against the golden surface has a magical effect. Under it, there is a two-level text: the name and product information. The upper line is typed in a bold sans-serif font, and the lower line is in a thin sans-serif font.

The tree in the logo is like a keeper of nature’s secrets, tall and magical. The golden background creates a feeling of warmth and tranquility. The two font types give the logo a balanced look as if to say, “We are serious about what we do, but we are also modern and cool.”

Forest Essentials color codes

Sand DuneHex color:#9d7c1b
RGB:157 124 27
CMYK:0 21 83 38
Pantone:PMS 132 C
FlavescentHex color:#faed89
RGB:250 237 137
CMYK:0 5 45 2
Pantone:PMS 602 C