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Strive forward, overcome obstacles – this is the main message of the Forza logo. The speed, bordering on the state of flight, is reflected in the clear lines of the emblem, soaring high. Each symbol is streamlined and agile, ready for an instant launch.

Forza: Brand overview

Founded:May 3, 2005
Founder:Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games, Sumo Digital
United States
Forza is one of the highest-grossing franchises in video game history. It is a popular racing simulator published by Xbox Game Studios. It includes two series: Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport. The first game (and there are more than ten of them) was released in 2005 by the American company Turn 10 Studios. In the future, the British organization Playground Games joined the creation of Forza. She moved away from professional sports and opted for street races dedicated to the fictional festival.

Meaning and History

Forza Logo History

The media franchise has the main logo that represents all the Forza racing video games. It is designed in the shape of a capital “F” and is styled like a sports car. And the choice of vehicles in both series is very large.

What is Forza?

The Forza media franchise is based on a series of racing games of the same name, which, in turn, is divided into two parts. The first, Forza Motorsport, is dedicated to professional sports. Turn 10 Studios developed it for Xbox consoles. The second part of the series is Forza Horizon, created by Playground Games Limited. It allows gamers to experience the atmosphere of a fictional festival.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport Logo History

Forza Motorsport, for example, gives gamers the chance to drive a real licensed car, from the Audi R8 to the Honda Civic. The tuning possibilities of the models are not limited. Combined with the sheer number of tracks, this adds variety to the game.

Motorsport has the full series name written in two lines to the right of the F-badge. The first word contains large bold letters that are far apart. For the second part, a similar sans serif typeface is used, but with a thinner style.

By the way, the main logo of the franchise can also be supplemented with an inscription: the designers have developed a variant where the word “FORZA” is depicted under the stylized “F.” They chose a bold grotesque for it with cut corners at the top ends “F” and “Z.”


Forza Motorsport Logo 2005

In May 2005, the first Forza Motorsport racing simulator was released. The authors of the logo played with the first letters of its name, connecting them inside a black parallelogram with a silver edging. An orange “F,” complete with a red gradient, was in the upper left corner. The “M” was depicted on the opposite side and was white with a light gray gradient. And to the right of the quadrilateral was written the phrase “FORZA MOTORSPORT.” The designers divided it into two lines and drew a thin horizontal line between them, which broke off at the point where the protruding diagonal of the “R” came into contact with it.

In order for both words to roughly match each other in width, the developers of the emblem made them of different sizes. At the same time, the font also differed: for “FORZA,” individual glyphs with triangular serifs and truncated strokes were used, and for “MOTORSPORT” – bold grotesque. The two parts of the inscription were united only by an inclination to the right. All the letters and the dividing strip were black and appeared three-dimensional due to the orange-and-white outlines of uneven thickness.


Forza Motorsport 2 Logo 2007

In 2007, a continuation of the racing game appeared. The second part of the series was released under the logo with a two-line inscription “FORZA MOTORSPORT 2”, in which both words were silver, and the deuce glowed with a red-orange gradient. Moreover, the letters also had a gradient in the form of a dark line in the middle. The designers removed the monogram and placed a long pattern of red-orange squares to the left of “MOTORSPORT.” At the same time, the deuce was at the top – to the right of FORZA. The text used an italic, bold font with sharp corners and holes in unexpected places.


Forza Motorsport 3 Logo 2009

In 2009, the third racing game in the Forza Motorsport series was released. And then there was the initial version of the famous symbol of the stylized letters “FM.” The part in the form of wide red stripes was taken from the “F,” and the three gray geometric figures in the center represented the “m.” The icon’s color was uneven: it looked like a shadow was falling on it. Below the bottom was the full name of the game. It occupied one line but was visually separated because the designers used two colors for it: red and black. Due to the thinner sans-serif font, the inscription became compact.


Forza Motorsport 4 Logo 2011

For the fourth part of the Forza Motorsport series, the developers have created a logo with a 3D effect. At the same time, they reduced the distance between the emblem components, which represented the stylized letters “FM,” and added a glossy sheen to them. And thin lines along the edges made parts of the image visually bulge. The first word in the inscription became burgundy, while the second remained dark gray. At the same time, they were both shifted to the left so that a large number, “4,” would fit on the right, separated by a vertical line. The four were tilted to the right and colored red with a gradient. It used the same style as the “FM” symbol.


Forza Motorsport 5 Logo 2013

The logo for the fifth Forza Motorsport game, released in 2013, was all black. The designers recolored all the elements in one color and removed the gradient so that the color scheme became minimalistic. They also omitted the stylized “F” and placed it to the left of the inscription. They had to shrink the symbol and stretch it out horizontally so that all the components of the emblem were balanced. Meanwhile, the name of the game series was split into two lines of equal length. Bold sans-serif was used for the top word and thin for the bottom word. The number “5” was designed similarly and was separated by a short vertical line.


Forza Motorsport 6 Logo 2015

In 2015, the sixth part of Forza Motorsport was released. The developers of its logo did not change anything, but instead of the five, they put the same big six – the designation of the game number.


Forza Motorsport 7 Logo 2017

After the release of Forza Motorsport 7, a logo with a seven appeared. The number was white and was inside a black square. At the same time, the vertical line on the left side disappeared, but all other elements, including the name of the series of games and the “FM” icon, remained in place.

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon Logo History

However, playing Forza Horizon is completely different::

  1. These games contain many fictional locations and have an open world to explore.
  2. Their plot is far from professional racing: it revolves around the festival theme, so a lot of attention is paid to various events.
  3. The logo of the series has a striking element: a large pink parallelogram.

The word “HORIZON” is written in white letters, and “FORZA” is located a little higher and is painted black.

All Forza games have a common symbol that represents the first letter of the franchise name. True, it is rather difficult to guess “F” in it: the image consists of five polygons of different sizes, arranged in a certain order. Geometric abstraction is tilted to the right, which creates the illusion of movement. This is a reference to a racing simulator because the fastest player is always the winner.

And this emblem also symbolizes power, energy, and authority. It echoes the name of the franchise, which means “strength” in Italian. The stylized “F” complements the wordmarks of both Forza series. It can be above or to the left of the name.


Forza Horizon Logo 2012

The first Forza Horizon game was released in 2012. It was recognizable by its logo, which used the already familiar franchise symbol: a stylized monogram of the letters “F” and “M.” The designers made it white and placed it inside a black parallelogram, separating it from the word “FORZA” with a vertical line. And at the bottom, in a crimson-pink parallelogram, the second half of the title of the series was written. The top line was in straight, bold letters, while the bottom line was in bold italics. In both cases, the spacing between glyphs was very narrow.


Forza Horizon 2 Logo 2014

On the Forza Horizon 2 logo, the name was divided into two lines, but now the developers have balanced it in width by increasing the spacing between the letters in the first word. At the same time, the upper parallelogram disappeared so that “FORZA” became black and appeared on an empty white background. The “FM” symbol has also been repainted. And the designers also increased it several times in order to respect the proportions between the picture and the text. The second half of the inscription was at the bottom in a pink parallelogram, as in the previous version of the emblem. There was also a deuce – the designation of a new part of the racing game.


Forza Horizon 3 Logo 2016

The third game, published in 2016, received the same logo as Forza Horizon 2. Only in the updated version was the deuce replaced with a triple, and the pink color became muted.


Forza Horizon 4 Logo 2018

After the release of the fourth game in the Forza Horizon series, a gradient emblem appeared. The designers diluted the uniform pink color by making the left side of the parallelogram a pale orange. The shades smoothly passed one into another and mixed closer to the middle. The place of the three was taken by the same large white four, which corresponded in font to the word “HORIZON.”


Forza Horizon 5 Logo 2021

Forza Horizon 5 has a three-tiered logo. At the top was an enlarged “FM” symbol, which consisted of five black geometric shapes of various shapes. The second line was occupied by the word FORZA. The designers kept the wide letter spacing but changed the font’s shape. Almost all glyphs looked non-standard. The “F” had its upper horizontal line cut off, the “O” became a square with rounded corners, the “R” had a diagonal leg that did not reach the vertical stroke, and the “Z” had a cut at one end to match the angle of the diagonal line.

On the bottom level was the white word “HORIZON” in a parallelogram with an orange-pink gradient. The colors have become brighter and more saturated, but the font has not changed – the logo developers have left the usual bold sans-serif italics. The number “5” on the right looked like an extension of the quadrilateral because it was also pink.

Forza: Interesting Facts

“Forza” is a well-known racing game series created by Turn 10 Studios and released by Microsoft Studios. It’s famous for lifelike graphics, accurate physics, and many cars.

  1. Two Series in One: “Forza” splits into “Forza Motorsport” for track racing and “Forza Horizon” for open-world adventures. This makes sure there’s something for every racing fan.
  2. First Game in 2005: The original “Forza Motorsport” came out in 2005 on Xbox, raising the bar for realism in racing games with its detailed car physics and graphics.
  3. Lots of Cars: The “Forza” games have thousands of cars from over 100 makers, covering everything from everyday rides to exotic supercars and classic racers.
  4. Realistic Physics: The “Motorsport” titles focus on realistic driving physics. Every car behaves like it does in real life, giving players a true-to-life driving feel.
  5. ForzaTech Engine: This engine powers the series, delivering top-notch graphics and physics simulations. It makes cars and environments look incredibly real and detailed.
  6. Drivatar System: Since Forza Motorsport 5, this AI system has learned from how people drive to create computer drivers that act more human, making solo play much more engaging.
  7. Stunning Graphics: Forza is known for its breathtaking, realistic visuals. The game consistently pushes the envelope for what racing games can look like.
  8. Music and Festivals in Horizon: “Forza Horizon” isn’t just about racing; it’s set against music festivals, adding a lively, energetic feel to the open-world exploration.
  9. Car Customization: In the Forza series, players can deeply customize and tune their cars, adjusting looks and performance to fit their racing style.
  10. Online Community: “Forza” has a strong online presence, with car clubs, online races, and user-created content like custom paint jobs and tuning setups, building a tight-knit community of racing enthusiasts.

The “Forza” series has cemented itself as a leader in the racing genre, beloved for its innovations, quality, and commitment to celebrating cars and racing. Whether it’s the precision of “Forza Motorsport” or the exploration and festive spirit of “Forza Horizon,” it remains a top pick for gamers around the globe.

Font and Colors

Forza Emblem

The closest font that matches the lettering on the main logo of the franchise is Reservation Wide Bold. It was designed by Silas Dilworth in 2006 and published by Dilworth Typographics. Its free counterpart is OPTITomasoBold-Extended Font. True, the game designers reworked many of the glyphs, adding many pointed corners and changing the shape of the “O.”

The word “HORIZON” uses a typeface similar to Futura Condensed ExtraBlack Italic – a bold geometric sans serif italic created in 1993. But the inscription “MOTORSPORT” is made in thin, even letters that resemble Akzidenz Grotesk Extended. This typeface history goes back to 1989 when the royal typesetter came up with the Royal Grotesk Light.

Forza Symbol

The monotonous monochrome palette is diluted with pink only on the Forza Horizon series logo. The designers chose a bright shade for the parallelogram (# EB0481) so that the white inscription is visible on its background. In all other cases, only two colors are used: black and white.


Where is Forza from?

Playground Games, a company in Leamington Spa, UK, developed the brand. Established in 2010 by experienced UK game developers, they aimed to create groundbreaking video games for a global audience. The brand is best known for the Forza Horizon series, which has received widespread acclaim for its innovative gameplay and stunning graphics.

The game series is known for its open-world racing experience. It blends realistic driving mechanics with beautiful environments. Players can explore various areas, join racing events, and customize their cars.

The games have won many awards and gained critical acclaim. It has become a major player in the racing game genre, attracting a large fan base. Each new release continues to push the boundaries of racing games, solidifying Forza’s place as a leading title.

Who makes Forza Motorsport?

Forza Motorsport was developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the thirteenth main installment in the Forza series, released on October 10, 2023, for Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Turn 10 Studios is known for creating high-quality racing games with realistic driving experiences. The game features advanced graphics, detailed car models, and immersive gameplay. The brand aims to give players an authentic racing experience, catering to casual gamers and hardcore fans.

Why is it called Forza?

The name “Forza” comes from the Italian word for “force” and “strength.” This reflects the game’s focus on power, speed, and strong vehicles.

This is a racing video game series for Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows, published by Xbox Game Studios. The franchise has two main titles: Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. Forza Motorsport offers a realistic racing simulation with detailed tracks and cars. Forza Horizon provides an open-world racing experience, letting players explore various environments and join different events.

What does the Forza logo mean?

The logo features a stylized “F” with a sloping shape and elongated lines, symbolizing the speed and dynamism of racing cars. The design gives a sense of motion and captures the essence of high-speed racing.

This logo embodies energy and strength, matching the meaning of “Forza” in Italian, which is “force” and “strength.” It reflects the core themes of the game series: power, speed, and the thrill of racing. The brand’s logo represents these concepts, highlighting the excitement and intensity players can expect from the game.