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The stylish and ultra-modern Frederator Studios logo indicates that this company is very creative in its responsibilities. Designers have created a creative image that looks as bright as animated films and series developed by the studio’s employees.

Frederator Studios: Brand overview

Founded:January 6, 1997
Founder:Fred Seibert
New York City, New York, U.S.
Frederator Studios is an independent producer of animated series, animated shorts, and animated feature films. It is part of the media company Frederator Networks, Inc., which, in turn, is part of the Canadian holding Wow Unlimited Media. The studio itself is based in the California city of Burbank in the US and collaborates with partners such as Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures Animation, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, and Netflix.

Meaning and History

Frederator Studios Logo History

The founder and CEO of Frederator Studios are television producer Fred Seibert. He is a media branding pioneer who has dedicated part of his life to developing visual identities for several American channels. And his company Fred/Alan Inc., formed in 1983, helped the then worst-rated Nickelodeon cable network rise to number one and stay there for the next 25 years.

In 1992, Fred Seibert closed Fred/Alan Inc. and began to collaborate with the authors of animated films. To support independent artists, he founded Frederator Studios. This organization has been creating content for various American TV channels. She gradually expanded her area of ​​interest and launched several new projects. And in 2012, it was included in the Frederator Networks company.

Fred Seibert left the animation studio in 2020, but the ex-directors creativity has been reflected in every aspect of its work, from product concepts to visual identity. At the same time, an important part of the brand identity is the logo with the image of the robot’s head. The original character’s name is Fredbot, which stands for “Frederator” and “bot.” But the emblem featuring the iconic mascot only appeared in 2010, and before it, there were several wordmarks with different designs.

What is Frederator Studios?

Frederator Studios is a company formerly known as Frederator Incorporated. She is engaged in creating animated films, series, short films, and television shows. The studio was founded on January 6, 1997, but it had predecessors that arose much earlier: Fred / Alan, Inc. and Chauncey Street Productions.

1983 – 1992

FredAlan Logo 1983

In the first half of the 1980s, Fred Seibert teamed up with fellow college student Alan Goodman to form the production company Fred/Alan Inc. She was engaged in the marketing promotion of TV channels. Its logo contained a two-line inscription in black. The first row was occupied by the name of the brand, with “INC.” written in small capital letters, and was in the upper right corner above “Fred/Alan.” These words used a high-contrast serif font similar to SoftMaker’s Riccione Serial Regular.

The bottom line indicated the period of the company’s existence: “1983-1992”. The presence of years suggests that the presented version of the logo did not appear immediately but after the exact closing time of Fred / Alan Inc. became known.

1988 – 1997

Chauncey Street Productions, Inc. Logo 1988

In 1988, a production company owned by Fred Seibert partnered with Chauncey Street Productions. Introductory videos for video content of the time featured an animated city skyline emblem. The black silhouettes of the high-rise buildings stood out against the orange-red sky. The gradient was linear, with lighter colors at the top fading to darker ones at the bottom.

In the right corner above the roofs of high-rise buildings hung the sun – a large white circle. The company’s name was also there: “Chauncey Street” in the first line and “Productions Inc.” in the second. The words were not written evenly but diagonally. At the same time, black sans-serif letters “jumped” and leaned in different directions. A gray-blue rectangular frame surrounded the picture.

1998 – 2009

Frederator Incorporated Logo 1998

In the early weeks of 1997, Fred Seibert created Frederator Incorporated to produce animated films and animated series. A year later, the debut cartoon of this studio was released. Its logo featured a large black word “Frederator” written at the top and a small “INCORPORATED” right below it, centered.

The designers chose a geometric bold sans-serif font for the first half of the title. Its complete analog is HWT Unit Gothic 717 from Hamilton Wood Type Foundry. And for the second part, something similar to Falling Sky Condensed by Cannot Into Space Fonts was used with reduced letter spacing. In addition to the inscriptions, the logo included 23 four-pointed stars lined up in one row: 12 to the left of the word “INCORPORATED” and 11 to the right.

2009 – today

Frederator Studios Logo 2009

In 2009, the company got a logo that is still relevant today. It is similar in structure to the previous one, but it uses a different font: the word “FREDERATOR” is written in bold black capital letters. It is noteworthy that the first “E” looks like a lowercase, and the second – looks like an uppercase, although they are the same size.

Because the brand has received a new name – Frederator Studios – the lower term is no longer “INCORPORATED” but “STUDIOS.” There are four-pointed stars to the right and left: 11 on each side. They are white on the inside and outlined in black on the outside.

2010 – today

Frederator Studios Logo

In addition to the wordmark, the production company uses a red robot emblem. Only its upper part is visible: a cylindrical head attached to a plate that acts as the shoulders and chest. The character’s head is complemented by a high mohawk, nose, and dark yellow-green glasses. Interestingly, thick eyebrows or eyelashes stick out above the glasses.

Font and Colors

Frederator Studios Symbol

The main symbol of Frederator Studios is a red robot known as Fredbot. As it turned out, this iconic image was invented by illustrator and designer Arlen Schumer back in 1997. Creating the notorious character for the Frederator brand, he was inspired by the Gigantor robot from Japanese anime. After that, Fredbot was redesigned many times, and now one of the versions of his head adorns the studio emblem.

The bold sans-serif font the designers chose for the word “FREDERATOR” is roughly similar to SoftMaker’s Deko Display Serial Bold. Perhaps this is one of his modifications. Interestingly, the “E” after the “R” looks like a lowercase letter, although the other “E” after the “D” has the standard appearance of a capital glyph. However, they are both the same size.

If the word mark is completely black, then the red color prevails in the emblem with the image of the head of the robot. Additionally, purple, yellow, light green, and black are used.

Frederator Studios color codes

RedHex color:#ff0604
RGB:255 6 4
CMYK:0 98 98 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Neon YellowHex color:#fff216
RGB:255 242 22
CMYK:0 5 91 0
Pantone:PMS 3955 C
Yellow GreenHex color:#9ecb49
RGB:158 203 73
CMYK:22 0 64 20
Pantone:PMS 368 C
Vivid VioletHex color:#983295
RGB:152 50 149
CMYK:0 67 2 40
Pantone:PMS 248 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C