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Despite its simplicity, the Full House logo is easily recognizable because it is associated with the popular family sitcom. The emblem reflects the warm relationships of the main characters and conveys the cozy home atmosphere that is at the heart of the plot.

Full House: Brand overview

Many critics did not like Full House: they called its plot contrived, saccharine, and clichéd. In 1987, when the first season started, the series received terrible reviews, which remained the same until the very last episode, released in 1995. However, the audience still loved the sitcom for its family focus and friendly humor. It’s the story of a single father left with three daughters after his wife’s death. To balance domestic responsibilities with work, he seeks help from his brother-in-law and best friend. For eight years, viewers watch the children grow and the challenges their caregivers face.

Meaning and History

Full House Logo History

Although the old Full House logo lacks symbolic elements, it is still associated with the show’s friendly atmosphere because its appearance on the screen was always accompanied by melodic music. There is also a new emblem created for DVDs and merchandising. Presumably, it was introduced on February 8, 2005. Both versions share a similar structure: both contain the sitcom’s name, feature a rounded font, and have a shading effect. The soft design of the letters emphasizes the importance of warm family relationships reflected in the eight seasons of the series.

What is Full House?

Full House is a sitcom about single father Danny Tanner, who, along with his brother-in-law and childhood friend, raises three daughters of different ages. It aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995. A total of 192 episodes were produced. The series was negatively received by critics but liked by viewers. In 2016, its sequel, Fuller House, featuring the same actors, was released.

1987 – 1995

Full House Logo 1987

This logo was used throughout the period the sitcom was aired. It debuted alongside the first episode on September 22, 1987. It was likely designed by Jeffrey Steven Franklin based on an individual font. The inscription looks as though each letter is hand-drawn. The glyphs consist of uneven strokes featuring both convex curvatures and smooth parts.

In the vertical version of the emblem, the words “Full House” occupy two lines and are centered. The mustard-warm color creates a warm and cozy atmosphere characteristic of a family television series. Meanwhile, the letters have black shadows concentrated at the bottom and left. This style gives the text a three-dimensional effect.

2005 – today

Full House Logo

On February 8, 2005, the first season of the sitcom was released on DVD. The disc cover featured a new logo, which presumably had not been seen before. An unknown designer used the original logotype as a template but slightly altered the shape of the glyphs, making them bolder and rounding all the corners. Now, the inscription occupies one line, but it’s not positioned horizontally: the right side is slightly raised. The uneven trapezium, which contains the series’ name, also has a diagonal slant at the bottom, so it seems to stand on one sharp protrusion. The geometric figure is painted in a pale orange color. Against this background, the white letters, casting brown shadows, are clearly visible.

Font and Colors

Full House Emblem

The sitcom’s logo uses a custom set of glyphs that look drawn. They are all uppercase, but the initial “F” and “H” are additionally enlarged. Inspired by this design, John Manjiro created a similar font named Full House.

Full House Symbol

While the original version of the emblem contained a mustard-yellow inscription, in the later variant, the series name became white and was placed on a pale orange background. In both cases, the letters have shadows: black in the first case and brown in the second.