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The Futurama logo reflects the world of the future with the dangerous and funny adventures of the main characters. The bright colors of the emblem and the voluminous, as if the toy, letters hint at fantastic, unreal events and the animated genre.

Futurama: Brand overview

Founded:1999 – 2003, 2008 – 2013, 2023
Founder:Matt Groening
United States

Futurama is a satirical animated series about a young man named Philip Fry, who ended up in a cryo chamber for 1000 years and woke up in far 2999. His life and work in the delivery service form the basis of the plot. The idea for the animation belongs to the creator of The Simpsons – Matthew Groening. Scriptwriter David Cohen implemented the idea. The show was broadcast on the 20th Century Fox Television, Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central channels.

Meaning and History

Futurama Logo History

Despite the interesting plot, the series was canceled twice at two different studios. Filming was prolonged and postponed until new sponsors were found. However, the logo chosen for the animation remained consistent in the first four seasons on Fox and the subsequent ones on Comedy Central. The symbol remained unchanged until 2013, when the series was finally canceled after seven seasons. This stability was due to the work of Matthew Groening and David Cohen throughout the entire period. A new lease on life for the series was announced in 2022 when a streaming service announced the continuation of the story. For the 8th season, a new computer-style logo was developed.

What is Futurama?

An animated series for adults, which premiered on Fox in 1999. It includes seven seasons consisting of 140 episodes. It was renewed for an 8th season in 2022. Comics based on the story have been released since 2000. From 2006 to 2009, four feature-length films were shot. After filming ended, the Worlds of Tomorrow game appeared in 2017.


Futurama Logo 1998

The logo of the pilot episode is a black oval containing the faces of the main characters of the show. The color of the background speaks to the show’s black humor and satire. It points to the events that take place in space as the characters work for the interplanetary delivery service Planet Express.

The emblem features three main characters:

  • Philip Fry, a former pizza delivery guy who was accidentally frozen. In the series, he lives in a room with Bender and works for his great-nephew in the thirtieth generation. He is named after the creator’s father, Homer Philip Groening.
  • The ship’s captain, the one-eyed mutant Leela, with whom Philip has a romantic relationship. Her name was chosen based on the Turangalîla play by renowned composer Olivier Messiaen, which he wrote in memory of his first wife, Claire Delbos. The title of the composition consists of two Sanskrit words. Lîla – divine play in space. The name conveys the captain’s professionalism.
  • Bender, an alcoholic and gambling robot built in Mexico. His primary purpose is to work with metals. Due to a production error, Bender is mortal and lives his life as he pleases. Named after the criminal John Bender from the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club.

The cartoon’s name is written in black letters with a white outline at the top. Futurama is a compound word formed by combining the concepts of the future and panorama. Besides the characters’ stories, the cartoon introduces viewers to the distant future. The 30th century is the backdrop for all events.

The title is written in the form of a semicircle as if hiding the faces of the heroes underneath. This technique demonstrates protection and seclusion since the entire plot of the cartoon revolves only around this jolly trio.

The contrast between white and black suggests that all situations in the cartoon are exaggerated to show the absurdity of the mocked views and positions. The white oval outline creates a closed space inside the ship where the characters travel.

1999 – 2013

Futurama Logo 1999

The series premiered in 1999. From the pilot episode, only the rainbow-shaped title was transferred to the cartoon’s logo. Bright colors were added to the emblem to emphasize the animation genre.

The arch-like inscription is like a sign before entering a “future” amusement park. Thanks to deep shadows, the emblem seems to be lifted above the surface. This technique underscores the grandiosity of moving a thousand years into the future and living in the unexplored upcoming era. The floating letters also suggest zero-gravity flights.

The red and yellow shades are associated with the main character’s appearance. He’s a blond who wears a red jacket. The color palette matches the paint job of the Planet Express delivery service building.

In 2013, the series’ sponsors at Comedy Central ceased funding, and the project was put on hold.


Futurama Logo

In 2022, the animated series was revived by the Hulu service. The channel announced the shooting of 20 episodes, each 30 minutes long, which are set to premiere in late July 2023. Interestingly, the entire cast returned to work despite a 10-year break.

The eighth season’s logo leans more toward computer animation. Its letters look three-dimensional and vibrant. However, the red tone and yellow outline are preserved. The word Futurama is written straight without bending, hinting at the story’s endgame or its smooth transition into the future.

The shadows from the letters are dark and sharp to underline the series’ dark humor.

Font and Colors

Red and yellow in the series emblem represent the future. The colors are used for the walls of the delivery company’s office. The red jacket of the main character is his distinctive feature in all episodes.

  • Red – also points to adventures, the urgency of delivery, and the speed of flight on the ship.
  • Yellow – embodies the fun and carelessness of Philip Fry, the humor, and the lightness of the episodes.

The font of the inscription was specifically designed for the series. It resembles That’s All Folks Outline Regular but in a more precise and strict variant. The sharp angles of the characters hint at satire, sharp reprisals, and sharp plots.

Futurama color codes

YellowHex color:#fee472
RGB:254 228 114
CMYK:0 10 55 0
Pantone:PMS 120 C
Pigment RedHex color:#ef1e2a
RGB:239 30 42
CMYK:0 87 82 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
RufousHex color:#b12900
RGB:177 41 0
CMYK:0 77 100 31
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C