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Gabon Airlines logo is a distinctive and symbolic representation of the company’s identity, moving away from the design of Air Gabon. It features a structure made of purple polygons, portraying the tail of an imaginary airplane bisected by blue stripes that resemble either part of a cloud or stylized airflow. Within the wavy lines, an abstract silhouette of a bird is discernible. The brand name is written in a grotesque font resembling something from the Futura family, with the first word in large dark purple letters and the second visually divided into two color blocks: purple “AIR” and light blue “LINES.”

Purple Polygons:

  • Symbolism of Flight: The multi-angular shape depicts the tail of an airplane, linking the design to the company’s core aviation business.
  • Innovation and Modernity: The geometric design gives a sense of modernity and innovation, reflecting the airline’s forward-thinking approach.

Blue Stripes:

  • Nature and Freedom: They could symbolize clouds or airflow, providing a sense of nature and freedom associated with flying.
  • Movement and Fluidity: The wavy pattern contributes to a feeling of movement and fluidity, enhancing the overall dynamism of the design.

Abstract Silhouette of a Bird:

  • Freedom and Aspiration: The subtle representation of a bird symbolizes freedom, aspiration, and the pure joy of flight.

Color Scheme:

  • Harmony and Depth: The blend of purple and blue with different shades provides visual harmony and adds depth to the design.
  • Unique Identity: The chosen color palette distinguishes the logo from traditional airline logos and helps establish a unique brand identity.

Textual Elements:

  • Clarity and Impact: Using a grotesque font, similar to Futura, provides clarity and modern impact.
  • Visual Separation of “AIR” and “LINES”: This division not only aligns with the color scheme but also aids in reading and understanding the brand name.

Alignment with Brand Values:

  • Creative and Fresh Approach: The logo’s creative use of geometric shapes and abstract symbolism reflects the airline’s fresh and inventive approach to travel.

Emotional Connection:

  • Inspiring and Inviting: Through its colors, shapes, and implicit symbolism, the logo communicates an inspiring and inviting image, appealing to travelers’ emotions.

Gabon Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 2007 – 2012, 2015
Libreville, Gabon

Gabon Airlines, founded in 2007, was the national airline of Gabon headquartered in Libreville. The government established the airline, envisioning it as a bridge connecting Gabon within the country and the region.

The airline began flying in 2008, initially serving neighboring countries with leased aircraft. Despite its initial expansion in Central Africa in the following years, the airline faced many challenges. The company was plagued by mounting debt, poor management, and a struggle to build a sustainable business model. In the face of heavy losses, Gabon Airlines ceased operations in early 2012.

However, the story didn’t end there. After a three-year hiatus, the Gabonese government made a second attempt to revive the airline in 2015. The revitalized Gabon Airlines has pledged to improve communications in Gabon and support the country’s development. However, history repeated itself as the airline faced similar problems of loss-making and poor cash management.

By 2018, the airline again suspended operations indefinitely, marking the second service termination in its short history. Despite two attempts and significant government investment, Gabon Airlines struggled to establish itself as Gabon’s successful national carrier.

Meaning and History

Gabon Airlines Logo History

1951 – 2006

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2007 – 2012

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2015 – today

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