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The Gacha Life logo is flawlessly smooth and nearly perfect. The emblem conveys harmony in the characters’ appearance, suggesting the player’s ability to assemble dolls and create their ideal, wholesome story.

Gacha Life: Brand overview

Founded:October 20, 2018
United States
Gacha Life is a role-playing game for Android, iOS, and PC, released by a developer nicknamed Luni. The initial version was called Gacha World (2017), and later, the game received improvements from Lunime Inc, leading to the versions Gacha Life (2018), Gachaverse (2018), and Gacha Club (2020). The Life version has been downloaded over 600,000 times, generating a revenue of 20,000 dollars for the creators.

Meaning and History

Gacha Life Logo History

The game has one constant logo used for all Gacha Life variations. The trial emblem stayed behind the scenes, unseen by users. The logo’s style resembles a cardboard cutout or sticker with carefully and harmoniously adjusted elements. The logo underscores the importance of appearance in games and hints at the Chibi style with plump, short characters featuring prominently large eyes.

What is Gacha Life?

It’s part of a role-playing game where one can dress up to 20 characters, create various scenes and dialogues with them, design the background and interior, interact with other characters, give them gifts, and participate in mini-games to earn gems.


Gacha Life Logo 2018

The first logo was designed before the game’s launch. It’s a simple, everyday name in black color, made up of thin wide letters. It resembles a temporary work version used for material designation.

The letters’ width indicates spaciousness, maximum attention to individual characters, and staged scenes. However, the black color and simplicity of the glyphs did not match the game’s colorful nature. Therefore, the symbol was entirely changed by the time Gacha Life was released.

2018 – today

Gacha Life Logo

The current emblem is as colorful and iridescent as the game itself. The name takes the form of a sticker with multicolored stylish letters. The gradient shows the ability to match the outfit and makeup in tone, combine different items, and create a cozy and interesting interior.

The deep shadow behind the inscription turns the emblem into theater decorations, showcasing staged scenes and embodying static volumetric characters that can be examined from different sides. The thick white substrate in the form of letters demonstrates the dolls’ connection with their environment.

Font and Colors

The logo is done in a lilac-pink gradient transitioning through light purple. The color palette speaks of creativity and talent, the ability to shape the character and image, expressing them through clothing and appearance. Pink shades appeal more to a female audience, who find the theme of outfits, decorations, and dolls more engaging.

The font is smooth and round, as the game exudes peace and harmony. Characters maintain friendly relationships and strive for friendship. The multi-layered design of each character underscores the importance of ambiance and image. The close contact of the letters speaks of the dolls’ interaction in the game.

Gacha Life color codes

Pale LavenderHex color:#ebd8fc
RGB:235 216 252
CMYK:7 14 0 1
Pantone:PMS 531 C
Uranian BlueHex color:#c3e2ff
RGB:195 226 255
CMYK:24 11 0 0
Pantone:PMS 290 C
Purple NavyHex color:#494b83
RGB:73 75 131
CMYK:44 43 0 49
Pantone:PMS 7670 C
Dark Blue BlackHex color:#0e1029
RGB:14 16 41
CMYK:66 61 0 84
Pantone:PMS 5255 C