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The Garanti Bank logo convinces the client that cooperation with the bank is a gift. All programs of the institution are created with the future in mind. They guarantee stable growth and an increase in income in the future.

Garanti: Brand overview

Founded: 11 April 1946
Founder: BBVA
Istanbul, Turkey
Garanti Bank was established on June 21, 1946, in Ankara. In 2010, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria was bought part of its shares, the second-largest bank in Spain. After seven years, BBVA increased its share to 49.85%, after which it gave the brand a new name: Garanti BBVA. The Turkish organization now serves various client groups in the retail, commercial and corporate banking sectors.

Meaning and History

Garanti Logo History

The Garanti company has been engaged in economic and financial activities for over 70 years. It has eight foreign branches (in Malta, Luxembourg, and Cyprus) and about a thousand Turkey branches. They share a common visual identity that has continued to evolve since 1946. All logos are based on the four-leaf clover symbol, complemented by the name of the bank. In 2000 the developers updated the color of the clover and transferred the inscription to the lower case to make the brand name more friendly. In the future, the design changed several times because Garanti became part of the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria group.

What is Garanti?      

Garanti is a Turkish bank, with a majority of its shares owned by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. It was established in 1946 and has since become one of Turkey’s most innovative credit and financial institutions, as recognized by independent rating agencies. Its range of services includes asset management, insurance, lending, deposits, and loans. The bank has numerous international branches in Europe and America.

the 1990s – 2001

Garanti Bank Logo 1990s-2001

Originally, the bank’s emblem had a long green rectangle that served as a background for the main elements. On the left side is a four-leaf clover. According to popular belief, it brings luck to those who find it, and this concept is very consonant with a banking institution. The white segments on a thin stem are austere and resemble four connected hearts. On the right is the word “Garanti,” executed in elongated uppercase letters. The exception is “i”: although this letter is the same size as the others, it is lowercase, not uppercase.

2001 – 2009

Garanti Bank Logo 2001-2009

Before BBVA acquired part of Garanti’s shares, the Turkish bank used the green four-leaf clover emblem. Due to the proportions, the drawing was depicted in an offset plane; that is, the larger half is closer, and the small one is farther away. The three-dimensional effect was enhanced by a radial gradient that spread from the light center to the dark edges. On the right was the black name of Garanti Bank. It was written in one piece, with the first letters in both words in capital letters.

2009 – 2018

Garanti Bank Logo 2009-2018

In 2010, Garanti acquired a new shareholder – Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. The Turkish bank retained its original name because BBVA’s share was just over 20%. The Spanish company did not have a single brand: all of its foreign branches were called differently and used different symbols.

The only thing that indicated that the financial holding BBVA partly owned Garanti was the logo with the words “Garanti Bank NV BBVA Group.” The last two words were located on the second line and are highlighted in light blue. The name of the bank remained black. On the left, as before, was a green four-leaf clover.

2019 – today

Garanti BBVA Logo 2019-present

In 2017, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria became the majority owner of Garanti, buying 49.85% of the shares. And two years later, he carried out a large-scale rebranding, which was supposed to unite his divisions into one whole. As a result, the overseas subsidiaries of the Spanish company became known as BBVA. Only a Turkish bank could preserve its individuality: it continued its activities as an exception under the name Garanti BBVA.

After the completion of the legal processes, the logo was changed. It appeared back in June but began officially in use at the end of 2019. As part of the transformation, the designers supplemented the green four-leaf clover and black lettering “Garanti” with the blue abbreviation “BBVA” – a new wordmark for the Spanish group.

Font and Colors

Garanti Emblem

Unlike other divisions of the BBVA, the Turkish bank was able to use its symbol on the emblem. The traditional four-leaf clover sign is considered a harbinger of good luck. This is a marketing ploy that executives at a financial institution wanted to create positive associations and gain customer trust.

After Garanti moved to the BBVA holding group, the logo’s main font did not change, except that the spacing between the letters increased. So the first half of the name, as before, is written in geometric sans serif, which looks like a modified sans-serif typeface from the Seconda family. Tapered ends and moderate contrast make text legible.

Specialists developed the acronym from its own creative agency BBVA and representatives of the Landor consulting company. The designers took the Benton Sans BBVA corporate font to completely change the “V” and “A” styles. As a result, these letters appear as two 180-degree angles pointing in opposite directions: “V” up and “A,” respectively, down.

Garanti Symbol

The clover is the same green as the previous logos. The color of the word “Garanti” has not changed either: it is, as before, black. The second part of the bank’s name is in Yale Blue (# 14549C).

Garanti color codes

Black Hex color: #0a0a0a
RGB: 10 10 10
CMYK: 0 0 0 96
Pantone: PMS Black 6 C
Safety Blue Hex color: #004284
RGB: 0 66 132
CMYK: 100 50 0 48
Pantone: PMS 2945 C
Evergreen Hex color: #00492c
RGB: 0 73 44
CMYK: 100 0 40 71
Pantone: PMS 3425 C
Spanish Green Hex color: #008a3b
RGB: 0 138 59
CMYK: 100 0 57 46
Pantone: PMS 355 C
Kelly Green Hex color: #6fb903
RGB: 111 185 3
CMYK: 40 0 98 27
Pantone: PMS 802 C