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The Gartic Phone logo visually reflects the problems of multiple transmissions of information over the phone from user to user. There is a big risk of distorting the initial data. The emblem attracts everyone who likes to communicate, encouraging them to pick up the phone and start the game.

Gartic Phone: Brand overview

Gartic Phone is a gaming project officially launched in 2021. Its creators have developed a site containing a game of the same name, which is to transfer words from one user to another. In general, the rules are completely identical to the classic variation of the game. The main task of the players is to convey the word so that the final version does not differ from the original.

Meaning and History

Gartic Phone Logo History

Given that the Gartic Phone project was launched relatively recently, it is not surprising that the site’s logo has not changed so far. Thus, the developers try to make it recognizable among the target audience. It is quite expected that immediately after the launch and with minimal advertising, the Gartic Phone became popular among potential players worldwide. For many gamers, this is nostalgia for the times when they had fun with friends, passing the word to each other, hoping to get an interesting and original version. A new game can be created by sending a link to friends or connecting to a random game room in the list published on the site. For the convenience of customers, the Gartic Phone resource supports many language versions. Interestingly, in addition to the function of transmitting a word, the player can also draw it. Every day more than 200 thousand users worldwide take part in the transmission of words.

For the logo, the project representatives chose a spectacular and modern color palette consisting of purple and white. The name and home phone logo are made in one continuous element. Not a modern smartphone was chosen as the phone, but a home phone used at the end of the last century.

What is a Gartic Phone?

First of all, it is an opportunity to have fun with a group of friends. An intuitive interface and an interesting game allow you to immerse yourself in a positive atmosphere.

Unpopular today, the type of phone was not chosen by chance. Thus, the creators tried to play on the feelings of nostalgia of those users for whom this game was a favorite in childhood. The phone is depicted using purple. The inscription “Phone” is an indispensable part of the phone, made in bold white letters with purple outlines. An interesting move of the representatives of Gartic Phone was that they stylized the letter “O” as a phone dial-in old-style devices. The inscription “Gartic” is half the size of “Phone.” Thus, the main emphasis was placed on the “phone” element and the project logo. This part of the name is also in white letters using a rounded sans-serif typeface. It is located above the main unit of the phone but under the handset.

Gartic Phone approached the creation of the logo responsibly, complementing it with unique elements. These should include the handset part located above the letter “r” in the word “Gartic.” It is depicted as a lightning bolt, hinting at the nature of the game and the participants’ skills.

Font and Colors

Gartic Phone Symbol

The main inscription is made in a classic bold font with rounded corners without serifs. Each character has a shadow. Thus, there is a feeling that the name “Gartic Phone” is voluminous.

The white-violet palette was not chosen by chance. After all, in total, they made it possible to make a bright and modern logo for a seemingly classic, outdated game. A potential participant in the game process, even without going to the company’s website, sees the direction and objectives of the project. In sum, the combination of these colors reflects the artistic nature of the game and the need to be creative and proactive. The purple color conveys a message about the stability and prospects of the project, while white reflects loyalty to the participants in the process.

Gartic Phone color codes

Russian VioletHex color:#310350
RGB:49 3 80
CMYK:39 96 0 69
Pantone:PMS 2617 C