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GB Airways logo, utilized until the company’s closure, was developed from its old design, transforming a red diamond-shaped arrow into a pattern of wavy stripes. These lines symbolize rapid forward motion, while the dark blue inscription also conveys energy, combining long serifs, rounded edges, and sharp angles. This powerful and captivating logo represents a series of creative choices that define the brand.

Transformation of the Arrow:

  • Continuity and Evolution: By evolving the arrow into wavy stripes, the logo preserves a link to its history while adopting a more modern appearance.
  • Symbolism of Motion: The wavy lines symbolize speed and progress, reflecting the company’s commitment to swift and efficient service.

Color Choices:

  • Red and Dark Blue Palette: The combination of red and dark blue creates a striking visual contrast, with red symbolizing passion and blue conveying trustworthiness.
  • Energy and Vibrancy: The bold colors infuse the logo with energy and dynamism that aligns with the brand’s character.


  • Uniqueness and Style: The typeface’s mix of long serifs, rounded edges, and sharp angles creates a unique and stylish look that sets the brand apart.
  • Connection with Movement: The energetic typography further emphasizes the theme of movement and speed that resonates throughout the logo.

Abstract Imagery:

  • Versatility and Appeal: The abstract imagery allows for various interpretations, making the logo versatile and appealing to different audiences.
  • Fluidity and Grace: The wavy lines add a touch of fluidity and grace to the design, making it aesthetically pleasing.

Alignment with Business Values:

  • Professionalism and Innovation: The logo’s refined design and modern transformation resonate with the values of professionalism and innovation that the airline sought to embody.

Emotional Connection:

  • Inspiring Confidence: The robust design and energetic imagery inspire confidence and anticipation, resonating with the travelers’ desire for a seamless journey.

Market Positioning:

  • Distinctive Identity: The innovative design allows the company to create a distinctive identity in the competitive aviation market.

GB Airways: Brand overview

Founded: 1931 – 30 March 2008
Founder: British Airways
Crawley, England

GB Airways was created as Gibraltar Airways. From humble beginnings, the company offered flights between Gibraltar and the UK using propeller-driven aircraft. By the 1970s, the airline was renamed Gibraltar Airways and shifted its focus to charter flights to Spain and regional scheduled flights.

1989 marked a significant change in the airline’s trajectory as it re-emerged as GB Airways following an influx of private investment and a comprehensive expansion of its business plan. GB Airways then switched to jet aircraft and expanded its footprint to cover more European destinations, operating from its bases in the UK.

By the mid-1990s, the airline had carved a niche as a key player in the UK entertainment airline sector, operating short-haul flights. However, the emergence of low-cost carriers such as easyJet has become a major problem for GB Airways’ profitability.

Increasing competitive pressures and continued financial losses eventually led to GB Airways being acquired by easyJet in 2007 for £103m. This ended the airline’s independent existence as easyJet integrated GB Airways’ routes and aircraft into its network in 2008. Once upon a time, GB Airways reached high heights, carrying more than 5 million passengers annually and hiring 1,800 employees during peak years.

Meaning and History

GB Airways Logo History


Gibraltar Airways Old Logo

1989 – 2008

GB Airways Logo