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The GB Airways logo represents the airline’s commitment to reliability and excellent service. It reflects the core of their operational ethics and their aim to enhance travel experiences. The logo connects to local culture, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust among passengers. The design elements chosen for the logo strengthen the airline’s reputation as a provider of quality services and its role in connecting various destinations.

GB Airways: Brand overview

GB Airways was established as Gibraltar Airways. The company operated flights between Gibraltar and the UK from humble beginnings using propeller aircraft. By the 1970s, the airline was renamed Gibraltar Airways and shifted its focus to charter flights to Spain and regional scheduled flights.

In 1989, the airline’s trajectory significantly changed: following an influx of private investment and a comprehensive expansion of its business plan, the airline reverted to the name GB Airways. GB Airways then switched to jet aircraft and expanded its footprint to more European destinations, flying from bases in the UK.

By the mid-1990s, the airline had carved out a niche as a key player in the UK leisure airline sector, operating short-haul flights. However, the emergence of low-cost carriers such as easyJet became a major challenge to GB Airways’ profitability.

Increasing competitive pressure and continued financial losses led to GB Airways’ acquisition by easyJet for £103 million in 2007. This ended the airline’s independent existence, as easyJet incorporated GB Airways routes and aircraft into its network in 2008. GB Airways once reached great heights, carrying more than 5 million passengers a year and employing 1,800 staff in peak years.

Meaning and History

GB Airways Logo History


Gibraltar Airways Old Logo

The airline’s emblem is light and airy, reminiscent of the water near Gibraltar and flight. The main element is a diamond split into two halves: a solid red and a striped red-and-white. The composition resembles several images:

  • A peculiar fish. The company feels as natural in the air as a fish does in water. The symbol emphasizes the country’s coastal location.
  • A kite. The design is airy. The airliners soar in the sky, following the air currents. Flying with GB Airways is truly enjoyable.
  • A stylized airplane. The wings of the giant are spread wide. It flies very fast, leaving a white trail in the air.
  • Flaps. By raising and lowering elements, the airplane improves its glide. The company successfully manages the movement of its fleet and maneuvers in the market among competitors. The symbol represents development and success.

The color palette in English shades highlights flights to Great Britain as the primary focus. The design of the large blue letter ‘G,’ resembling an arrow, adds dynamism to the inscription. The white ‘Airways’ with a red outline alludes to the red and white flag of Gibraltar.

1989 – 2008

GB Airways Logo

The old GB Airways logo, used before the company closed down, served as the basis for the new one. The designers transformed the red diamond-shaped arrow into a pattern of wavy stripes, which carry a similar meaning: rapid forward movement. The dark blue text also conveys energy, as the letters combine long serifs, rounded edges, and sharp corners.

The wavy stripes evoke a sense of fluidity and speed, which is important in the aviation industry. The dark blue text doesn’t just convey the company name. The nuances of the font design – long serifs, rounded edges, sharp corners – create a sense of dynamism and progress, which is in keeping with the airline’s mission.