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The GE Vernova Logo reflects the company’s strategic focus on developing innovative low-carbon energy solutions and environmentally sustainable technologies.

The name Vernova combines the words: “Ver,” and “Nova.”

  • “Ver” and “verde” stand for green, symbolizing nature and the company’s environmental responsibility.
  • “Nova” stands for a new, innovative approach aimed at developing new solutions for low-carbon energy.

GE Vernova: Brand overview

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Meaning and History

GE Vernova Logo History

Font and Colors

GE Vernova Emblem

The “Evergreen” hue used in the logo is a dark green “that is associated with nature and environmental responsibility. This may reflect sustainability and concern for the environment, which is important to customers and stakeholders.

The white color used in the logo is associated with cleanliness, simplicity, and minimalism. It reflects the purity of the processes, products, and ideas that the company promotes and instills a sense of trust and reliability for customers.

GE Vernova color codes

EvergreenHex color:#005E60
RGB:0 94 96
CMYK:94 12 43 49
Pantone:7221 C