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The Gemini logo harmoniously echoes the name of the cryptocurrency exchange and conceptually conveys the nature of its activities. It allegorically shows the process of exchanging and purchasing electronic money and demonstrates the reliability of currency storage. The geometric figure is so tightly interwoven with uniform lines that it becomes inseparable. It encompasses the essence of the action of decentralized coins.

Gemini: Brand overview

Gemini is an electronic platform for exchanging virtual currency and a bank custodian of bitcoins and fiat money. It is a website where anyone can engage in transactions for buying and selling digital coins and store them in a personal wallet. For access, the site uses a complex system of private keys and a series of password-protected environments. The platform began operating in 2014, although it was announced in 2013. However, its official opening is considered to be in 2015, when it received the necessary approval. The web resource was created by the Winklevoss brothers, Cameron and Tyler. The current owner is Gemini Trust Company, LLC. The location of the central office is in New York City.

Meaning and History

Gemini Logo History

Upon announcing the cryptocurrency exchange in 2013, its founders immediately thought through its conceptual identity. Therefore, it harmoniously encompasses all components – from the name to the logo, forming a cohesive visual system. The fact is that the creators of this internet platform are not just brothers – they are twins, born on August 21, 1981. Cameron Howard Winklevoss and Tyler Howard Winklevoss are rowers, winners of the 2008 Olympic Games, founders of Winklevoss Capital Management, and the service HarvardConnection, later renamed ConnectU. Thus, they reflected in the name of the electronic exchange themselves, essentially naming it Gemini.

This name fits well into the idea of the web resource, as it reflects the dual function (exchange-bank), shows the interconnection of financial operations (buying-selling), personifies the owners (twin brothers), and emphasizes the high security of the environment where work occurs in an unbreakable chain. The logo, based on such a name, also touches on the noted aspects, and its structure demonstrates the strength of the service, which customers can trust.

What is Gemini?

Gemini is an American internet platform for exchanging cryptocurrency and fiat coins. The exchange has existed since 2014, but it only received official permission to operate in 2015, starting with trading bitcoins. Its foundation is built on a complex system of private keys and password-protected environments, so it also serves as a bank custodian. The company’s creators are Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Its headquarters are located in New York City.

2015 – today

Gemini Logo

The Gemini logo is simple. It uses two elements: the personal sign of the cryptocurrency exchange and the name. They are arranged sequentially, so they follow one another. The first element is a geometric abstraction. It is combined from two circles of identical shape, connected by several lines, forming a small square in the negative space. Due to the elongated strips, it might seem that both rings look like the capital letter “G,” placed mirror-like. They also resemble the infinity symbol.

The textual part occupies the right side of the emblem. It’s strict, flat, and restrained, which speaks of a well-thought-out strategy and the high practicality of the project. The glyphs are in uppercase and placed far apart from each other. Such spacing allows for a clear view of the name since the bold letters do not merge. The black symbols with smoothly trimmed ends support the business atmosphere, contrasting with the turquoise sign of a rounded shape. There are no serifs.

Font and Colors

Gemini Emblem

The logo uses a geometric typeface of simple shape without serifs. The even and wide letters resemble the Pluto Medium font by HVD Fonts. They are also strict and concise, without unnecessary elements. The emblem’s palette includes two colors: black, which is used for the name, and turquoise, which colors the graphic element. This shade of azure conveys tranquility, calmness, and lightness.

Gemini Symbol