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George Mason Patriots Logo

George Mason Patriots Logo
George Mason Patriots Logo PNG

George Mason Patriots are several dozen clubs and university teams that belong to George Mason University. Some of them are part of the Atlantic 10 Conference, and only a few take part in IC4A, Eastern Wrestling League, Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, Mid-American Conference. At first, the university-sponsored basketball, but then it covered other sports: lacrosse, swimming, diving, football, etc. Athletes have long competed in the Division II NCAA. The men’s basketball team was the first to enter Division I. A little later; everyone else joined her.

Meaning and History

George Mason Patriots Logo History
Evolution of the George Mason Patriots Logo

1982-2004 logo Is a combination of a green star with a yellow ribbon and the word “George Mason.” The five-pointed geometric figure is located in the upper left corner. From it, two wide curved lines are interrupted in the middle. Uneven displacement creates a movement effect. The sports team names are at the bottom and are in thin serif letters.

The emblem, presented in 2005, differs significantly from the previous one. It also has a star, but this time it is painted in two colors at once – black and orange. This combination of shades makes the geometric figure appear three-dimensional because the rays are divided into two contrasting parts. A wide green-white zigzag with an orange outline extends from the star. Two plaques occupy the lower half of the logo with the words “Mason” and “Patriots.”

1982 – 2004

George Mason Patriots Logo 1982-2004

2005 – present

George Mason Patriots Logo 2005-Present

Font and Color of the Emblem

George Mason Patriots Emblem

George Mason Patriots Basketball

George Mason Patriots Basketball

George Mason University is actively developing a basketball program. His team has played four times in the National Invitation Tournament and participated in six NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournaments. Also, she became famous for her triumphant march to the Final Four in 2006, when she defeated many strong opponents.

George Mason Patriots Soccer

George Mason Patriots Soccer

Men’s soccer is the second most popular in the George Mason Patriots. The institution began sponsoring him in 1968, making it one of the first sports to receive support alongside basketball. The current team plays at George Mason Stadium and trains under the professional guidance of Elmar Bolowich.