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Athletes of Georgetown University are distinguished by a modern and concise identity that emphasizes their affiliation and club colors, making the Georgetown Hoyas logo recognizable and memorable.

Georgetown Hoyas: Brand overview

Founded: 1978
Washington, D.C., U.S.

More than twenty Georgetown Hoyas teams play for Georgetown University in the NCAA Division I. They participate in the Big East Conference and other sports associations such as MAISA, EARC, and the Patriot League. The most popular program is football, although other sports are also widely represented.

Hoyas’s name comes from the phrase “Hoya Saxa,” which is the official greeting of university students. The first word is found in biblical texts and means “what” or “such,” and the second is translated from Latin as “stones.” The use of the Hoyas nickname about teams began in the 1920s.

Meaning and History

Georgetown Hoyas Logo History

The exact origin of the name Georgetown Hoyas is not known, as its history dates back to the 1890s. Rumor has it that it was formed from the official greeting “Hoya Saxa!” which translates from Latin as “What rocks!” The phrase could equally refer to the wall around campus, to the nickname “Stonewalls,” or to the incredible resilience of soccer players. However, the university teams’ mascot has nothing to do with the word “Hoyas. Their main symbol is Jack the Bulldog. He was depicted on the athletes’ old logo: a stylized dog’s head in a cap with a “G” written on it was the most important element of the Georgetown Hoyas’ identity for several years.

Over time, the letter “G” gained the right to exist independently. It began to be used as a complete emblem, separate from the mascot image. Its pointed edges resemble the teeth of a predator, and its rounded curve creates a deceptive sense of security. That is, the associative hint of a bulldog remains, but it is difficult to notice.

What is Georgetown Hoyas?

Georgetown Hoyas is the athletic department of Georgetown University. It represents the university in intercollegiate competitions, participating in NCAA Division I as a member of the Big East Conference. The football team also competes in the Patriot League FCS at Division I. There are 23 student teams in total, with the basketball team being the most famous. They also have representatives in the CSA (women’s squash), MAISA (sailing), and EARC (rowing).

1978 – 1995

Georgetown Hoyas Logo 1978-1995

1978-1995 emblem Is the personification of Jack the Bulldog mascot. Following tradition, the artists depicted a formidable dog with a studded collar on the logo. True, not entirely, but only the head. A striped baseball cap with the letter “G” covers the right ear. The color palette is designed in dark shades of gray and blue. This combination was first used to visually identify Georgetown University teams in 1876.

1995 – today

Georgetown Hoyas Logo 1995-Present

The new sports logo, introduced in 1995, retains the classic colors. Only the graphic component has changed: now, instead of a bulldog’s head, the emblem shows the letter “G” – probably the same one on the dog’s baseball cap. It is distinguished only by the font: this time, the two sides of the “G” are closed, forming an incomplete circle.

The formation of the men’s basketball team dates back to 1907, and the women’s basketball team dates back to 1970. The men’s basketball team has participated in thirty NCAA Tournaments and reached the finals five times. Also, she competed in six National Invitation Tournaments. The women’s team has four NCAA Tournaments and five NITs under its belt.

The football team appeared in 1874. In the 1940s. It was recognized as one of the best among similar sports programs, but in 1951 it was closed due to large losses. In 1964, students were allowed to play club football. It was only in 1970 that the team again received university status and began to represent Georgetown University in the NCAA.

Font and Colors

Georgetown Hoyas Emblem

Georgetown Hoyas has the official Adobe Caslon font. But the creators of the sports teams’ logo used lettering: they drew a one-of-a-kind letter “G” with unusual angles and protrusions.

As for the emblem’s palette, it fully corresponds to the university tradition. It is based on two colors:

  • gray (Pantone 409);
  • navy blue (Pantone 282).

Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Logo

They began to be used in 1876 at the initiative of the rowing team, which considered this combination of hues ideal for the boat club. The combination of gray and blue has gone through the ages to adorn the modern Georgetown Hoyas logos.

Georgetown Hoyas Football Logo

Georgetown Hoyas color codes

Space Cadet Hex color: #011e41
RGB: 1 30 65
CMYK: 98 54 0 75
Pantone: PMS 2768 C
Pale Silver Hex color: #c6bcb6
RGB: 198 188 182
CMYK: 0 5 8 22
Pantone: PMS 406 C