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The Ghost logo is like a newspaper page with the latest news, immediately associated with texts and print, and is in perfect harmony with the direction of the company. The emblem demonstrates the simplicity and practical approach to creating a platform for bloggers.

Ghost: Brand overview

Founded:October 14, 2013
Founder:Ghost Foundation
Ghost is a blogging platform alternative to WordPress. It was created under the MIT license and is open source. Its founder is John O’Nolan, who aimed to create a convenient format for hosting simple personal blogs and professional structured texts. The site was launched in October 2013.

Meaning and History
Ghost Symbol

The resource was conceived as a contrast to the WordPress platform since Ghost’s ideological mastermind Ghost was previously listed in one of the leading positions. But he became disenchanted with a large service’s capabilities and decided to create something easier to host text content. For this, John O’Nolan invited Hannah Wolfe to cooperate. Working together, they formed a non-profit structure called the Ghost Foundation, through which they lead the main management.

Funds for the new site were collected using the crowdfunding method, so access to it was first provided to those who donated money. The required amount was collected very quickly – literally in 11 hours. As a result, in September 2013, the first version, called Kerouac, started. This was an early option for a limited group of supporters. When testing was completed, the service became open to a wide range of users. This event took place in October of the same year.

What is Ghost?

It is a modern blogging platform and also a content management system. It was created in 2013 to replace WordPress, although it was originally conceived only as a fork. The Ghost Foundation is currently developing the project.

The blog platform logo was created parallel with the resource and appeared simultaneously with it, forming a recognizable face. It demanded no less attention than the service itself since the developers wanted to get a harmonious symbol that reflects the basic direction. Its author and the copyright holder is the Ghost Foundation.

The trademark of the text service meets the canons of rigor and practicality. He emphasizes its importance with straight lines, precise proportions, calligraphic letters. As is customary in this case, the logo consists of two parts: text and graphic.

Both elements are arranged horizontally on one line. The first is an icon in the form of alternating stripes of different lengths. This is the traditional designation for text typed on a sheet. The lines form three rows: in the upper – the middle and short strokes, in the central – one long, in the lower – two identical.

Ghost: Interesting Facts

Ghost is a blogging platform and content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use, fast, and focuses on letting you create and manage content. It started in 2013 to offer a simpler alternative to other CMS like WordPress.

  1. Why Ghost Was Made: John O’Nolan and Hannah Wolfe created Ghost because they found other CMSs, especially WordPress, too complex and full. Ghost aims to make blogging straightforward, focusing just on publishing content.
  2. Kickstarter Success: Ghost’s development was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in April 2013. It raised over £196,000, way more than its £25,000 goal, showing people wanted a simpler blogging platform.
  3. Non-Profit Foundation: The non-profit Ghost Foundation develops and manages Ghost. This keeps the platform free, open-source, and focused on users’ and developers’ needs, not investors’.
  4. Built on Node.js: Ghost runs on Node.js, not PHP, like many CMSs. This makes Ghost faster and better at handling large numbers of visitors, offering a smoother experience.
  5. Great for Professional Publishing: Ghost is designed for professional publishing. It comes with SEO, social media tools, and analytics right away. Its clean and minimal design helps you concentrate on your content.
  6. Ghost(Pro): Ghost is free to download and use, but if you don’t want to manage the technical stuff, there’s Ghost(Pro). It covers hosting, updates, and support for a monthly fee.
  7. Headless CMS: Ghost can also work as a headless CMS. This means it can send content to any front end or device through an API, allowing developers to create custom websites or apps while managing content in Ghost.
  8. Themes and Apps: Ghost has a marketplace with many themes and integrations. You can change your site’s appearance with professional themes or add new features with apps.
  9. Markdown Editor: Ghost includes a Markdown editor, which lets you format text easily without HTML. This is great for writers who want to focus on writing, not formatting.
  10. Always Getting Better: Ghost keeps improving with new features and updates. This dedication to growth and meeting user needs keeps its user base growing.

Ghost is popular because it makes blogging and managing content much easier, especially for bloggers, journalists, and content creators looking for a simple yet powerful platform.

Font and Colors

The text part consists of a title in lowercase letters. All signs are printed. They are at a minimum distance from each other and form a well-readable inscription “ghost.” The upper segment “s” and the crossbar “t” are geometrically aligned, so they coincide at the cut. The rest of the inscription is classic.

Ghost Emblem

The designers chose a traditional typeface for the text blogging platform – printed, closely reminiscent of Times New Roman. This is intentional to create a familiar environment for people who write because this font is used by default in Word. There is also another version created by designer Mackey Saturday.

The color of the logo depends on the background (some elements). The scheme usually uses a combination of gray shades: ash – for the graphic sign on the left, dark graphite – for the word “ghost,” light gray – for the substrate. But there are options with white words or with a white background.


What does the ghost symbol mean?

The symbol is a unique and abstract design comprising five quadrangles arranged in three levels. These geometric shapes look like an abstract image of text on a sheet of paper.

The quadrangles are positioned to create an illusion of something ghostly, with the edges of the stripes seeming to dissolve into space. This effect gives the logo a dynamic and ethereal quality, symbolizing the fleeting nature of digital content.

The symbol’s ghostly aspect ties into the name “Ghost,” suggesting transparency and simplicity. Its design conveys technical precision and creative freedom, reflecting the values the brand aims to offer its users.

What does the ghost logo mean?

The logo combines elements that represent the brand’s identity and purpose. It consists of two main parts: the text and the geometric design.

The text simply shows the name “Ghost,” making it clear what the brand is and what it offers. This straightforward approach highlights the platform’s focus on simplicity and ease of use.

The geometric design features a three-layer structure with quadrangles of different lengths. These shapes resemble lines of text on a sheet of paper, symbolizing the platform’s emphasis on writing, publishing, and content creation.

The logo uses three colors—gray, graphite, and white—contributing to its minimalistic style. These colors are modern and subtle, conveying simplicity and sophistication. This color scheme matches the brand’s goal of offering writers and bloggers a clean, user-friendly experience.