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The Ghostemane logo is a stylized esoteric symbol of Monas Hieroglyphica. The original sign was created by John Dee, a British astrologer, alchemist, and mathematician born in 1527. He developed the glyph from lines, arcs, and circles, and the contemporary rapper used this composition as the basis for his emblem.

Ghostemane: Brand overview

Founded:2010 – present
Founder:Eric Whitney
West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.
Eric Whitney, better known as Ghostemane, started his music career early. He wrote his first song at 14 when he was suspended from school for a fight in the hallway. Since the future rapper from Florida was into Pennywise and NOFX at the time, it was a punk-style work. After his father’s death, the 17-year-old teenager began visiting relatives in New York, where he discovered the work of local hardcore bands. Returning to Florida, he created his own group and then got into hip-hop as well. Perhaps that’s why his multifaceted songs combine Memphis rap, hardcore, black metal, industrial hip-hop, and other music genres.

Meaning and History

Ghostemane Logo History

Eric Whitney adopted the pseudonym Ghostemane in 2014 when he was 23 years old. Starting this project, he simply wanted to make money to pay bills and travel. However, success didn’t come to the rapper right away – at some point, he even threw away all his recorded CDs, disappointed in his abilities. Collaborations with other artists, such as $uicideBoy$, Pouya, and Schemaposse, helped him rise to fame.

Ghostemane seamlessly combines rap and rock in his songs. His work is very depressive and contains references to mystical practices. The artist’s lyrics reflect insecurity and anxiety, which may have been influenced by events from his childhood: a tyrannical disabled father, poverty, and a lack of friends. When Eric got a little older, he quit his tiresome office job and turned to spirituality.

Whitney admits that astrophysics is the foundation of everything for him. It is possible that this influenced the choice of the main Ghostemane logo in the form of the esoteric symbol Monas Hieroglyphica, as the original hieroglyph symbolizes the unity of the Cosmos. All other emblems are simply gloomy inscriptions styled in different ways.

What is Ghostemane?

Ghostemane and Eric Ghoste are pseudonyms of an American rapper and songwriter whose real name is Eric Whitney. Born and raised in Florida, he began his music career there. However, the online platform SoundCloud brought him particular fame, making a significant part of his fan base listeners from Eastern Europe. In addition, Ghostemane gained popularity with his viral music videos filled with a dark atmosphere reminiscent of horror mini-films.

2010 – today

Ghostemane Logo 2010

The main logo of the rapper resembles a human silhouette in appearance. It has a round head, which simultaneously resembles an eye due to the point in the center, an unevenly thick body, arms spread out to the sides, and two pairs of legs – one at the bottom, the second on the sides. The head looks like a white circle outlined by a wide black stripe with sharp and long spikes. At the top, there is a stylized crown. Like all other elements, it is colored in deep black. On the emblem from the album cover of Blackmage (2016), the album’s title is written in thin white vertical font against the body’s background. The letters are stacked on top of each other.

This symbol is based on the Monas Hieroglyphica glyph, about which its creator John Dee wrote an entire treatise in 1564. It is known that the original is associated with esotericism and represents the unity of the Cosmos: the connection between the moon, sun, elements, and fire. At least, that is the interpretation Dee gave in his book. However, he did not write details about each part of the emblem, only mentioning that he could explain everything during a personal meeting. This means that the full meaning of Monas Hieroglyphica is still unknown. But this did not prevent Ghostemane from using it as inspiration for the logo, as the rapper adheres to the religious-philosophical system called “thelema” and loves everything mystical.

2017 – 2018

Ghostemane Logo 2017

The cover of the studio album Plagues (2016) was adorned with the pseudonym Eric Whitney, designed in an individual style. All the letters were uppercase, uneven, and connected to each other. From them, protrusions went in different directions, resembling spikes or short branches.

2018 – 2020

Ghostemane Logo 2018

The release of the N / O / I / S / E album (2018) was accompanied by the appearance of a logo with a new design. The word “GHOSTEMANE” was written in black letters, from which long strips with sharp ends stretched. The pattern was symmetrical: on the right and left, it was mirrored. In this case, the protrusions resembled lianas or huge insect claws.

2020 – today

Ghostemane Logo

The inscription became dark gray and extremely illegible. Now the letters not only connect with each other – they intricately intertwine and bend, forming one large horizontal monogram. The thin light outlines prevent the lines from merging.

Since the Ghostemane emblem originates from the medieval esoteric symbol Monas Hieroglyphica, it has a similar meaning. What looks like a crown on the head is actually an inverted moon. The ring with a dot in the center is none other than the sun. The central cross formed by the torso with arms and vertically arranged legs represent some elements mentioned in the book by John Dee, the creator of the Monas Hieroglyphica symbol. The two arcs at the bottom symbolize fire. The combination of all components shows the unity of the Cosmos, which turned out to be a suitable metaphor for the rapper, who is passionate about astrophysics, philosophy, and occultism.

Font and Colors

Ghostemane Emblem

Throughout the history of this project, Ghostemane’s logos have used whimsical fonts with individual designs. Thin elongated letters from the Blackmage album cover, gloomy inscriptions with spikes, or futuristic glyphs of illegible shape – all versions correspond to Eric Whitney’s depressive-mystical creativity. The color scheme of the emblems is limited to black, gray, and white.

Ghostemane Symbol

Ghostemane color codes

Shadow GrayHex color:#414141
RGB:65 65 65
CMYK:0 0 0 75
Pantone:PMS 447 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C