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GitHub Logo

GitHub Logo
GitHub Logo PNG

GitHub is a hosting web service for collaborating on IT projects. It is located in San Francisco, California, and was founded by a team of programmers consisting of Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Vanstrath, Scott Chacon, and P. J. Hyett. Has been operating since 2008. Belongs to the corporation of the same name, which is part of the Microsoft structure.

Meaning and History

GitHub Logo History
Evolution of the GitHub Logo

The hosting logo is now well recognizable, although, in its debut version, it was only a word mark and did not contain graphic symbols. But the color palette has remained subdued since the appearance of the emblem. The developers believed that in this way, it attracts attention and does not distract to extraneous details. In general, over the years of its existence, the web service has had two versions of the logo.

2008 – 2013

GitHub Logo 2008-2013

Since IT services were a new business direction, its owners wanted to convey the essence to potential customers. Therefore, the first option is based on a verbal image. It included the name of the company and the slogan “Social coding.” The font is bold, Sans Serif. Letters are lowercase, simple, rounded. But the motto, on the contrary, is written in capitals, but in a smaller size, in the Github font. It maintains contrast while adding visual interest to the compositional structure of the brand name.

2013 – present

GitHub Logo 2013-present

In 2013, the designers updated the letters in the emblem to tie the name to its origins. To do this, they increased the “G” and “H,” making them capital letters. The corrected version has become more concise since there is only one word left in the verbal part. The slogan was removed for irrelevance because the IT service gained popularity, so users were already aware of its services. Consequently, the developers got rid of information “garbage.”


Another innovation is the white silhouette of a cat on a black background. True, it was an octopus with a cat’s head at the very beginning, and only over time, it acquired its usual appearance. Simon Oxley created the logo. After the logo was renamed from Octopuss to Octocat, the company registered it and made it part of the branding. This is how the outline of a cat was created, sitting inside a circle, under which it is written GitHub.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

GitHub Emblem

The mascot, unofficially renamed Octocat, took the leading position in the brand’s symbolism. As a result, it turned out that its modification became the basic transformation of the logo because, at first, there was an octopus with a cat’s head on the round badge. He, as before, remained in the negative – black and white. Below the developers have posted the word “GitHub,” made in a corrected version – with large “G” and “H,” while all other letters are in lower case. Such a structure gives a reliable idea of โ€‹โ€‹the service and its services without violating either the graphicality or the concept. That is, everything new is well forgotten old.

GitHub Symbol

The emblem text is written in a typeface from the Sans Serif family – smooth, simple, grotesque (sans serif). The word consists of combined letters – uppercase (“G”, “H”) and lowercase (“i”, “t”, “u”, “b”). They are mostly aligned in height, except “u,” which is the lowest.

The logo color scheme has always been monochrome and represents the classic black and white combination. Such a palette creates the effect of a “negative” image – like on photographic film.