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The Glee logo is simple, light, and smooth, like the sounds of singing and music accompanying the movie. The emblem speaks of a team where all the heroes are interconnected. It hints at the search for harmony and attempts to live in peace with oneself and others.

Glee: Brand overview

Founded:May 19, 2009 – March 20, 2015
Founder:Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan
United States

Glee is a youth entertainment series about a choir in a middle school. The main directors of the film were Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The film’s ideologue, actor, and screenwriter Ian Brennan drew inspiration from his own experience. A total of 6 seasons of 121 episodes were shot, which were immensely popular. Advertising in the movie brought in about 3 million dollars per half hour. The series ended in 2015.

Meaning and History

Glee Logo History

Originally, Glee was intended as a feature film. The script for it was written by Ian Brennan in 2005. But the author could not attract attention to his idea until Ryan Murphy suggested making the film into a TV series. Therefore, the well-known logo appeared for the TV show in the pilot episode in May 2009. The sign did not change for all six seasons and was used in white, red, black, and yellow variants. Different shades showed the diversity of characters and appearances.

What is Glee?

It’s a multi-episode film; the plot unfolds against the backdrop of rehearsals for a high school show choir whose members experience various situations related to emotions, friendship, self-determination, and family relationships.

2009 – 2015

Glee Logo

The series logo consists of a large inscription in black letters. The film’s title conveys the idea of exultation. This is the main emotion associated with the concept of shows and singers performing modern interpretations of classics. Interestingly, the film’s name had to be changed for the UK due to a conflict with the stand-up show, The Glee Club.

The lowercase letters of the inscription indicate the absence of a central main character. The picture includes 12 characters, each of equal importance. There’s no need for uppercase, as the film is about adolescents whose identity is still forming. None of them have yet made a significant mark on the world, so they are not capitalized.

The curved elements speak to the depth of the problems the children face. The roundness of the characters represents the search for an acceptable solution for both the child and those around them. Each element of the inscription is reminiscent of a sphere, symbolizing the broad inner world of the characters. The members’ task is to learn to live together, respecting and not infringing on the personal space of others.

The circles also hint at harmonious choral singing, as if a row of singers is synchronously hitting the right note. This technique is particularly significant, as the cast’s popularity as a choir led to them performing at various events across America to promote the film, performing songs from the series.

Font and Colors

The logo’s black color symbolizes the plot’s simplicity and everyday nature. Most of the dramas and situations regularly occur in the world, so the film is a manifestation of the stories of thousands of children. The color also implies secrecy, as the main events occur in the hearts of the heroes and are hidden from prying eyes.

The font of the inscription is Kamerik 105 Cyrillic Book. The thin elements speak of the fragile child’s psyche, a self-doubt that is particularly acute in adolescence. Light traits hint at dreams and aspirations. The future path that is just beginning to unfold ahead. The fusion of the last three elements of the inscription represents the interaction between people, which changes them.

Glee color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C