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The Glitch logo is fun and friendly. Indicates platform creativity and teamwork. The emblem symbols seem to invite the user: “Let’s work together. Ideas and collaborative work will help create the perfect site.

Glitch: Brand overview

Founder:Joel Spolsky, Michael Pryor
New York, U.S.
The American company Glitch offers a creative platform for creating applications. It makes programming as easy as collaborating on Google Docs documents: multiple users can edit the same project. Simple and straightforward tools allow even those who lack source code editing skills to participate in this process. Glitch now has about 3 million apps, more than the Apple App Store. Some of them automatically compose playlists, others generate comics, and others complete the sketches that have been started or determine the dosage of medicines for livestock.

Meaning and History

Glitch Logo History

Glitch is backed by Fog Creek Software, founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs Michael Pryor and Joel Spolsky. At first, she was engaged in consulting issues, but over time, she changed her occupation and switched to creating advanced Internet technologies – from useful tools to smart bots.

Fog Creek has been a hub of innovation for 18 years. Then he had a new product – Glitch, which was part of the Creek Week hackathon, where team members shared their ideas. In early 2018, the Glitch creative platform came out of beta and quickly became popular in the programming community. A few months later, the startup owners admitted that this was the future of Fog Creek. They renamed their project to Glitch Inc. and carried out a large-scale rebranding.

What is Glitch?

It is an American content and project management software company. It was founded in 2000 and is located in New York. The glitch was formerly called Fog Creek Software.

2000 – 2018

Fog Creek Software Logo 2000-2018

The debut logo consists of two elements that harmoniously complement each other in color and a restrained style. On the left, in two lines, are the inscriptions “Fog Greek” (top) and “SOFTWARE” (bottom). Although it is written in lowercase letters, the first phrase is large except for the initial characters (F and G). The second word is printed in small characters, but they are all capital letters.

If you pay attention to the ratio of colors, you will notice: on the left, first there is emerald and then gray. But in the picture on the right, on the contrary, the upper element is painted in light graphite and the lower one in dark aquamarine. This is because the icon depicts a sea wave, and, accordingly, it is at the bottom. A closed habitat is a square, the gray part taken in a dark frame and separated from the impromptu water by a cap of white foam.

2018 – today

Glitch Logo 2018-present

In September 2018, the company said goodbye not only to its old name but also to the logo, which consisted of blue lettering “Fog Creek” (left), a gray word “SOFTWARE” (below), and a light gray square with a dark border (right ). Instead, the software developer has a new emblem: two colorful fish swimming in one direction.

The unusual icon matches the style of the Glitch iconography. It’s as simple, straightforward, and fun as the community-friendly design. According to the company owners, the Internet should be a place for creativity, not for consumerism.

The logo has another version: white dots that look like shiny scales and a dark gray ‘Glitch’ lettering. The fish are composed of colored blocks in both variants: the bottom is pink, and the top is blue or purple. But in the second case, the palette is slightly different: it has more dark shades, which, accordingly, affects the gradient.

Glitch: Interesting Facts

Glitch, which used to be Fog Creek Software, is a key player in the tech world. It has pushed the envelope in software development by promoting new ideas, teamwork, and creativity.

  1. Starting: Glitch was founded in 2000 in New York City by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor. It’s behind big names like Trello, Stack Overflow, and, of course, Glitch itself.
  2. What Glitch Does: Glitch is a cool online tool that lets developers collaborate on software, whether seasoned pros or just starting. They can share their work, tweak each other’s projects, and launch apps straight from their web browsers.
  3. Teamwork: At its heart, Glitch is all about bringing people together to make something great. It’s built so anyone can take an existing project, change it up, and learn from it, which sparks even more creativity.
  4. Everyone Can Code: Glitch wants to simplify coding. With simple tools and a straightforward layout, it aims to open the world of software development to as many people as possible.
  5. The Stack Overflow Story: Before Glitch became its main focus, the company helped start Stack Overflow, a giant in the world of developer Q&A sites, in 2008.
  6. Birthplace of Big Ideas: Glitch has also been the starting point for other big projects. Trello, for example, began here before becoming its own big thing.
  7. Open Source Love: Glitch is big on open source, encouraging developers to share their work freely and build together using shared libraries and frameworks.
  8. Learning and Education: It’s also a favorite tool in classrooms and coding boot camps because it makes collaborating on code and teaching programming straightforward and fun.
  9. Art Meets Code: More than just for traditional software, Glitch is a playground for artists and musicians to blend technology with creativity, hosting all sorts of unique and experimental projects.
  10. Ethics and Privacy: Glitch stands firm on keeping tech ethical, focusing on user privacy and promoting projects that do good for society.

In essence, Glitch is all about breaking down barriers in tech, making it easier for a wide array of people to get involved in making software and fostering a community where anyone can contribute, learn, and innovate together.

Font and Colors

Glitch Emblem

The fact that the two fish swim in the same direction speaks of the consistency of their actions. It is a symbol of unanimity, teamwork, achievement of a common goal – that is, the basic principles of Glitch. As you know, platform users work together and take the source codes of other people’s applications to implement their projects.

The emblem looks friendly, which shows another side of Glitch: the company wants to look welcoming not only for experienced IT pros but also for newbies who have recently started acquaintance with JavaScript. Funny colorful fish hint that there is nothing difficult in programming, and creating applications is a creative and partly gameplay.

The Glitch word mark is a combination of several fonts. The capital “G” looks like the “G” from Questa Sans Bold, although the match is not one hundred percent. The lowercase “c” is very similar to the “c” from Heltar DemiBold or Woolworth Bold, released by The Northern Block in the early 2010s. In turn, the “t” resembles the “t” from the Core Sans E 75 Extra Bold and Stevie Sans Bold typefaces. And the “l,” “i,” and “h” have a lot in common with the corresponding letters from Stevie Sans Bold, Heltar DemiBold, and Core Sans E 75 Extra Bold. All of these fonts are united by bold and no serifs.

Glitch Symbol

If the inscription is just black, then the fish are incredibly colorful. The color scheme for the Glitch logo includes a range of blues, pinks, purples, and lilacs. They are presented as a gradient. The only monochrome elements are white eyes with black pupils.

Glitch color codes

Light Hot PinkHex color:#fec1ee
RGB:254 193 238
CMYK:0 24 6 0
Pantone:PMS Magenta 021 C
Tickle Me PinkHex color:#ff7698
RGB:255 118 152
CMYK:0 54 40 0
Pantone:PMS 1777 C
Deep Electric BlueHex color:#5a78ff
RGB:90 120 255
CMYK:65 53 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2726 C
BlueHex color:#2800ff
RGB:40 0 255
CMYK:84 100 0 0
Pantone:PMS Violet C

How do you make a logo glitch?

This is done in a special editor. We need to find the displacement map and apply the effect to the selected layer. Then click and make the glitch layer transparent. Finally, combine the map and glitch layers.

How do you glitch AE?

To achieve Glitch in After Effects, you need to study special tutorials available on the Internet at specialized sites.