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GoFundMe Logo

GoFundMe Logo
GoFundMe Logo PNG

GoFundMe is a US-based crowdfunding platform that allows the public to raise funds for various events related to celebrations, operations, and other vital circumstances. She appeared in the spring of 2010 in San Diego (California). The service is now located in Redwood City in the same state and has two offices, concentrated in Dublin and her hometown. The founders of the company are Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester.

Meaning and History

GoFundMe Logo History
Evolution of the GoFundMe Logo

This service was founded not in 2010 but two years earlier – in 2008. It just had a different name than – CreateAFund. This is how Damphousse and Ballester conceived it. As a result of numerous design and functional improvements, the website has been renamed GoFundMe.

After the launch, the crowdfunding platform received not only its logo but also a wide territorial coverage. It is currently available to residents of many countries, which, in addition to the United States, include Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Its inception until 2020 has helped raise over $ 9 billion through donations from 120 million people.

In 2015, the company’s founders sold a controlling stake to Technology Crossover Ventures and Accel Partners and then relinquished oversight of the website. All this did not affect the identity, and it retained its original appearance for a long time until, in the winter of 2017, GoFundMe expanded with the purchase of CrowdRise. A year later, a logo redesign was undertaken. There are two of them on the crowdfunding platform.

2010 – 2019

GoFundMe Logo 2010-2019

The debut emblem is made in a very inviting style: the rounded letters, as if “wrapped” in a protective shell, evoke a feeling of calm and trust. The logo is divided into two functional areas: text and graphic. The first contains the name of the service, rendered in a grotesque, streamlined font. The inscription is located in the lower case to show the service’s availability to each interested person.

The word “gofundme” is divided by color into three parts: “fun” (middle) – light green, “g” and “m” (beginning and end) – silvery. In doing so, the heights “and” balance the right and left sides, emphasizing the center. Around the letters, there is a kind of “buffer layer.” The trimmed contour appeared due to a thin gray stripe that goes over to the graphic element.

To the right of the title is the image of the rising sun. It is an orange half-disc with three wide beams. The lateral lines are long; the central one is short. The icon is located above the syllable “m.”

2019 – present

GoFundMe Logo 2019-present

The current logo is a revised version of the previous logo. The changes made are minor, but the crowdfunding platform’s identity has become simpler thanks to them. The goal of this transformation is to demonstrate how easy it is to get services. Excessive friendliness expressed through soft colors and a “plum” shell, the designers refused. They removed the thin outline around all of the elements, leaving the wide “protective” protective disappear. The developers also changed the shade of green, removed gray and orange colors from the logo.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

GoFundMe Emblem

The modification took place according to the principle of cutting off the excess. Therefore, in the end, there was a minimalistic version. In the logo’s evolution, a wide white space formed by a thin edging line and excessive brightness was removed. It is now a practical symbol with a twist of its own. It looks equally good both on the site and on any advertising media.

GoFundMe Symbol

The style of the GoFundMe logo has never changed. The typeface resembles the commercial typeface Joya Sans Bold – smooth, chopped, and rounded. The first logo’s color scheme consists of a rich palette of green # 5ea800, gray # 919191, and orange in two shades – # ffa13d and # ffbc53. But the modern version is more restrained: it uses only green # 01bc66.