Good old Papa Jones with a new look

Papa Johns Logo

The world-famous brand Papa Jones is an American company that occupies a leading position in the foodservice industry. Perhaps, far beyond the borders of the United States, you can hear that people love and willingly eat Papa Jones’s pizza, who, like a good friend, came to visit and treated him to his signature dish.

The secret of the company’s success is quite simple – it is correct positioning in the market. Initially, the company showed itself as a brand that cares about every hungry American being heard, having the opportunity to eat deliciously, have a great rest in a cozy place, without worrying about saving money. The brand became close to the public immediately. This was the calculation.

Starting branding with naming, the company’s founders knew what they wanted – to communicate with the audience, to win over them using the symbol of an uncle, who would make sure that their delicious requests were satisfied.

Papa Johns New Logo

According to statistics known in the catering industry, this company, as the largest pizza chain, ranks third in the world after Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. A huge number of outlets worldwide, 5303 pizzerias as of 2018, and even more thanks to franchises – this is the merit of a self-confident brand.

The company’s founder, John Schnatter, began making pizza in March 1984 at his father’s bar in Indiana. Production grew to 4,000 pizzas a week during the year, and the owner opened a pizzeria in a nearby building. And then, there were other business transformations, larger and more significant for the brand.

At the moment, the pizzeria logo is so well known to the consumer that it is enough to show the colors, and the person will have an association with Papa Jones.

Papa Johns Emblem

A rebranding process has recently been initiated. First of all, this affected the logo, although the whole world knows it.

The last version of the logo is used as the graphic design of the brand name with red letters elongated in the middle and outlined all in a dark green outline shape that resembles a street sign. Above, a dark green ribbon is bordered in red, and the inscription – “pizza.” The registered trademark mark was also present at the top.

It is important to note that there was an apostrophe in the name of Papa John’s, which was removed from the current logo without remorse.

The logo Papa Johns has become similar in shape to the before but convex with less hypertrophied distortion. There is a trademark next to the S, but there is no apostrophe.

Papa Johns Before and After Logo (history)

It is difficult to say what influenced the adoption of such a decision. Most likely, no graphic element was added for visual harmony and a more organic logo form. That is to say, everything is homogeneous and smooth, without sharp accents.

Undoubtedly, the brand will remain popular, even if the logo has been updated. He is still recognizable. Because the quality of products and services cannot be changed by changing the identity, if the people’s love is strong, it will continue to nourish the company’s inspiration. And Papa Johns will be happy to continue his activities for the sake of precious clients around the world.