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The Google Chat logo promises productive and useful communication. Correspondence and sending messages in the service are simple and convenient. Data transfer is fast. The emblem represents the chat as an ideal place for business communication and project teamwork.

Google Chat: Brand overview

Founded:March 9, 2017
United States
Google Chat is one of the world-famous corporation’s messaging services. Using the presented software, you can exchange messages with contacts directly and create group chats. The advantage of using Google Chat is sending and receiving files uploaded via Google Drive.

Meaning and History

Google Chat Logo History

The logo of the program has changed several times. As a result, the authors tried to introduce new elements, thereby sending the necessary message to potential customers, indicating the development and potential of Google Chat as a modern messenger.

What is Google Chat?

First of all, it is an internal messenger of the corporation. Shortly, it is planned to replace the original Google Hangouts completely. You can use the functionality of this software for free.

2005 – 2013

Google Talk Logo 2005

The prototype of the modern service was Google Talk. It lasted eight years, from 2005 to 2013. The logo consisted of the verbal name “Talk,” made in the company’s classic color palette (blue, red, yellow, green). The author decided to make all characters lowercase, thus creating an atmosphere of friendliness and customer focus. The corners in the symbols are slightly rounded. In addition to the name of the software, a dialogue symbol is shown to the right of it, made in white with black outlines.

2013 – 2014

Google Hangouts Logo 2013

Hangouts have replaced Google Talk. It was launched in 2013. The company used the first variation of the logo for only one year. It is based on the image of the dialogue, made in green, and the white quotes that are inside. This color palette was not made by chance because green indicates the realism and growth of the company, and white indicates the transparency of its activities. Thus, Google wanted to show that it could bring together millions of users from all over the world to communicate with each other. Interestingly, the authors did not use verbal forms, preferring the laconic logo directly.

2014 – 2020

Google Hangouts Logo 2014

After a year of using the original version of the logo for the Hangouts service, it was decided to make changes to it. They were minimal. For example, a darker shade of green was used to create it. The corners in quotes are now pointed. In addition, a shadow was added to create the effect of three-dimensionality in the image. The emblem was used until 2020 when it was decided to replace Hangouts with Google Chat. However, in 2015, the name of the service was also added below the image. It is made in a classic font with rounded characters. All characters, except for the first letters in words, are lowercase. The gray color was used for the lettering. At the same time, “Google” has a more saturated hue.

2017 – 2020

Google Chat Logo 2017

In parallel with Hangouts, Google developed another project, namely Google Chat. The first version was launched in 2017. The verbal inscription was made in a classic font with rounded, gray letters. To the left of the title is a dark green dialog symbol with an “@” inside. For the image of this symbol, the author chose the white color. Thus, with the help of the logo, the company conveyed the very essence of the service because, with its help, you can contact any Google user in a matter of seconds.

2020 – today

Google Chat Logo

After three years of using the original version of the logo for Google Talk, it was decided to change it. The name of the service remained identical compared to the previous version. In turn, the emblem has changed. Now there were two figures present. The dark green rectangle is overlaid with a dialog image of a brighter hue. In doing so, the “@” symbol has been removed. The emblem so clearly conveys the service’s functionality that sometimes the logo shows only it, without the Google Chat name.

Font and Colors

Google Chat Emblem

The authors used a classic font with rounding. Minimalism is the name that did not interfere with conveying the essence of the service, creating an atmosphere of friendliness and customer focus.

Google Chat Symbol

The color palette for the title consisted exclusively of black. The classic Google Talk service was the exception, which was relevant from 2005-to 2013. It used classic colors for Google. For the emblem, in turn, various shades of green were used, indicating the constant development and purposefulness of the corporation.

Google Chat color codes

FernHex color:#5bb974
RGB:91 185 116
CMYK:51 0 37 27
Pantone:PMS 7480 C
Pigment GreenHex color:#00ac47
RGB:0 172 71
CMYK:100 0 59 33
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Forest GreenHex color:#00832d
RGB:0 131 45
CMYK:100 0 66 49
Pantone:PMS 355 C
Granite GrayHex color:#5f6368
RGB:95 99 104
CMYK:9 5 0 59
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 10 C