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The logo is trying to communicate that the platform is able to completely replace the answers at the board. The program makes it easy to follow the teacher and track student progress. The emblem is filled with the idea of ​​learning, development, and teamwork.

Google Classroom: Brand overview

Founded: August 12, 2014
Founder: Google
United States
Google Classroom is a learning platform that is part of the Google Workspace toolbox. It became available to ordinary users in 2014 when the first version of the service was launched, and the possibility of free registration was added. The interface was constantly improving: new functions, illustrated themes, courses appeared in it. And for maximum convenience, other Google digital products were integrated into the educational system: Gmail for instant messaging, Google Drive for distributing assignments, Calendar for scheduling, web-based editors for writing articles, creating projects and presentations.

Meaning and History

Google Classroom Logo History

Google Classroom simplifies the everyday life of educators by eliminating a lot of paperwork. Teachers can invite students to virtual classrooms, give assignments and track their progress, make comments, check completed work, and give grades. Communication is possible in the general class tape or by e-mail.

Another convenient function of the service is checking essays, abstracts, coursework, and other materials for uniqueness. Having such a tool, the teacher immediately sees the sources of the text and understands where the formulations were taken from. Among the disadvantages of the platform is the lack of an automatic system of tests and quizzes. But this is compensated by a clear interface that allows you to share files, attach links, and compose tasks freely.

Google Classroom has a browser version and applications for all operating systems so that students, teachers, students, and teachers can access classes at any time. The official logo of the service matches the icons of the programs: it looks like a typical blackboard with silhouettes of people drawn on it. The visual identification system was changed only once.

What is Google Classroom?

It is a web service designed specifically for teachers and students. Its interface simplifies the exchange of files between all participants in the educational process.

2014 – 2016

Google Classroom Logo 2014-2016

The first graphic symbol consisted of a set of multi-colored geometric shapes. The base was a light green rectangle enclosed in a yellow frame with rounded edges. In the center was a schematic representation of a person: a white head-circle and a part of the body in the form of a quadrangle with a convex top. To the right and left of him were two more of the same silhouettes but dark green. The designers placed them in the background and reduced them slightly to create a distant effect. In the lower right corner was a rectangular piece of chalk that cast a brown shadow in the shape of a parallelogram.

2016 – today

Google Classroom Logo 2016-present

With a slight update, the yellow border is wider and brighter, with the chalk shadow now just a few shades darker than the border. The board’s color has changed to turquoise, and the two outer figures are painted light green. People’s silhouettes take up less space than on the previous logo. Their shape is also different: the upper part of the body looks like an uneven semicircle.

The Google Classroom icon looks very simple, but every element is important. For example, the chalk in the corner clarifies that this is not an ordinary green rectangle but a blackboard. The silhouettes of three people symbolize a class or group of people united by one goal. Their stand together speaks of their close relationship because the training platform simplifies communication and makes the educational process systematized, allowing teachers to monitor students’ actions constantly.

Font and Colors

Google Classroom Emblem

While the Google Classroom logo doesn’t have any writing, the web service has its official font: TrueType Roboto Bold. It is listed in the branding guidelines along with a color scheme. For the side silhouettes, use a light green (# 57BB8A) and use a darker shade for the board (# 25A667). The frame is deep yellow (# F6BB18), and the centerpiece and chalk are white (#FFFFFF). The combination of bright colors is generally in line with Google’s style, although it does not match the proprietary palette.

Google Classroom Symbol

Google Classroom color codes

Mint Hex color: #5ebf90
RGB: 94 191 44
CMYK: 51 0 25 25
Pantone: PMS 339 C
Ocean Green Hex color: #62c092
RGB: 98 192 146
CMYK: 49 0 24 25
Pantone: PMS 339 C
Shamrock Green Hex color: #0fa15e
RGB: 15 161 94
CMYK: 91 0 42 37
Pantone: PMS 3405 C
Amber Hex color: #f5bb0c
RGB: 245 187 12
CMYK: 0 24 95 4
Pantone: PMS 7549 C
Marigold Hex color: #eca201
RGB: 236 162 1
CMYK: 0 31 100 7
Pantone: PMS 137 C

Can Google Classroom use logos?

Yes, logos can be used in Google Classroom to create personalized themes.

How do I add a logo to Google Apps for Google Classroom?

To do this, you need to log in to Google Apps and go to the mail section of your account. Next, you need to click on the gear, select Manage this domain, then – domain settings and appearance. There should be a button to upload a new logo.

Where is the Google Classroom icon?

The Google Classroom icon can be found in the list of all Google apps on the Chrome start page or in the list that appears in the upper right corner after logging into Google. Also, the icon can be located on the desktop of the mobile device.

How do I change my Google Classroom logo?

You can change the class logo in Google Classroom using the settings that are provided in the interface.