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Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud Logo
Google Cloud Logo PNG

The Google Cloud brand brings together more than 90 products in an integrated suite of services. Specifically, the cloud provider offers computing platforms, databases, machine learning services, management tools, robust security solutions, APIs, and more. Part of the Google Cloud is Google Workspace with its office suites, video telephony, storage, calendar, and email.

Meaning and History

Google Cloud Logo History
Evolution of the Google Cloud Logo

In 2008, the Google App Engine web framework was launched – an environment for developing applications and sites. This moment became the starting point in the cloud platform’s history because it evolves as new services are created. Moreover, all products – both old and recent – have their recognizable style, subordinated to the general corporate design.

Google Cloud also has a logo based on the parent company’s corporate font and color scheme. It consists of a colorful cloud image and minimalistic gray lettering. The words “Google” and “Cloud” look the same, except for the line thickness difference. The first half of the name appears darker because it is bolder. The second, accordingly, looks lighter because of the thin strokes.

The text is to the right of the icon and is the same size. The capital G is not much smaller than the cloud, which protrudes slightly from above and below. Google adheres to symmetry principles when designing for its platforms, which is reflected in the Google Cloud logo. All components are balanced and coordinated in shape.

The graphic sign is expectedly similar to a cloud because this symbol reveals the essence of the brand. But it doesn’t look standard: both the outlines and the color palette correspond to the corporate style of Google. The image comprises multi-colored segments connected in a complex element with a gap inside. The curved lines form the outline of the cloud as children draw it. Simultaneously, the orange stripe is the only one of all that has a free end that goes beyond the limits of a closed geometric figure. The curved line resembles the top half of the letter “G.”

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Google Cloud Emblem

When trying to organize their products, the parent company always chooses the same font. Therefore, the Google Cloud logo’s inscription is standard: it is made by the branded typeface Product Sans, created based on Neuzeit Grotesk and Futura. Geometric sans was developed in 2015 for use in wordmarks in numerous Google services.

The designers changed only the shape of the letter “e,” making the horizontal line diagonal. The 45-degree slope corresponds to the angle at which the “G,” “g,” and “C” edges are cut. The combination of lowercase and uppercase characters allowed to reveal the originality of the font. The round shape and the absence of serifs hint at the service’s adaptability to any external conditions – from adaptation to users’ requirements and ending with the creation of new technological solutions.

Google Cloud Symbol

The colors of the logo were taken from the Google palette. The segment that looks like “G” is colored gold (# FFD400), the top of the cloud is red (# FF3333), the right side is blue (# 3BCCFF), and the small segment at the bottom is light green (# 48FF48). For the lettering, the designers chose a gray color (# 5F6368), similar to the dark Shuttle Gray (# 61666B).