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Brightness and variety are the main distinguishing features of all Google services. The Google Play logo speaks of a large family of products known all over the world. The emblem inspires confidence. To use the content, just click on the button.

Google Play: Brand overview

Founded:October 22, 2008
Google Play distributes digital content for mobile devices that run on the Android platform. It used to be called Android Market, but in 2012 it was renamed. The portal allows developers to publish applications and users to download and install them on personal devices. Movies, music, books, and other media files can also be found there.

Meaning and History

Google Play Logo History

As Google customized the graphical icons for its services, it created a coherent identity that unified its products. Therefore, the Google Play logo evolved with it until it acquired a modern design.

There has been a dramatic transition in the history of the app store from the green robot logo to the triangular button icon. This happened in 2012 when the portal leaders rebranded and renamed the Android Market to Google Play. Since then, many new versions of the logo have appeared, where a multi-colored triangle is combined with a gray inscription. Such a contrast attracts attention and is well remembered – apparently, therefore, the brand owners are in no hurry to change the symbol to something else. They adjust the shape of the elements and experiment with different shades.

What is Google Play?

This is the name of the Google online store, which allows software developers to distribute their applications and users download them to mobile devices. It also has movies, music, games, and books that sell for money. The web service was launched in 2008 as Android Market and got its current name in 2012.

2008 – 2011

Android Market Logo 2008-2011

In 2008, the online store Android Market was added to the Google family of applications. Its emblem bore elements associated with the popular operating system: a green robot and a gray “android” lettering, for which a custom font with open letters was used. The green word “market” was located under the OS name. The first thing that caught my eye was the rounded corners and fuzzy shapes. The text’s left was a white shopping bag with two black handles and a familiar image.

2011 – 2012

Android Market Logo 2011-2012

Three years after launch, the app store modernized its logo design. A new font was chosen for the phrase “Android Market” – simpler and sans serif. Simultaneously, the colors were reversed: the first word became green, and the second, on the contrary, gray. The robot bag has been expanded and expanded. Due to the darkening at the top, it appeared to be bent in the middle.

2012 – 2015

Google Play Logo 2012-2015

After the rebranding, the Android Market portal was renamed to Google Play, so the old icon was no longer relevant. The designers put a new name for the service on the logo, using the same font for the first word familiar from the Google logos – Catull with serifs. “Play” was written in sans serif letters. On the left was the play button’s silhouette, painted in four colors: blue, red, orange, and pale yellow. The gradient created a 3D effect.

2015 – 2016

Google Play Logo 2015-2016

The font was changed in 2015 because Google ditched Catull in favor of Product Sans. As a result, both words were spelled the same. The rounded triangle icon remained the same, but not for long – this version was used until April 2016.

2016 – 2022

Google Play Logo 2016

The latest logo redesign has brought the colors closer to the official Google palette. The graphic now has no gradient. The pattern consists of four well-defined segments colored in vibrant shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. The inscription, as before, is gray.

Google Play Emblem

Since 2016, the application’s name has been written in Product Sans, the same font used for the Google logo on the parent company logo. It’s a streamlined sans-serif typeface with a swollen “e.”

The set of colors also matches the Google identity. It includes red (# ff3333), yellow (# ffd400), light green (# 48ff48), and cyan (# 3bccff).

2022 – today

Google Play Logo

In 2022, the app store celebrated its 10th anniversary of being named “Google Play.” In honor of the round date, he updated the identity and introduced a corrected logo, which became flat due to the lack of a gradient. Designers have kept the primary colors but changed their shades: now, blue, green, orange, and red are more saturated and bright. The triangular icon is also in place – only its shape suffered because the developers rounded off all the corners. The triangle, as before, consists of four multi-colored blocks. At the same time, these parts look much more proportional when compared to previous versions of the emblem. The blue fragment is scaled down to make room for the rest of the colors.

The balanced symbol is combined with a well-read “Google Play” inscription. She became noticeable after the designers decided to use a dark gray shade instead of light gray. It didn’t affect the font itself.

Google Play: Interesting Facts

Google Play, started by Google in 2012, is the official app store for Android devices, offering many apps for users to download.

  1. Origins: It began as Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore before merging into Google Play in 2012. This move created a spot for finding apps, music, books, movies, and more.
  2. Huge Selection of Apps: With millions of apps, Google Play is one of the world’s biggest app stores, featuring everything from work and education apps to games and entertainment.
  3. Safety First: Google Play Protect checks apps for harmful behavior, making downloading apps without worrying about malware safer.
  4. Ways to Make Money: Developers can earn money from their apps through sales, in-app purchases, and subscriptions, with Google sharing the revenue to support the Android app community.
  5. Google Play Pass: Launched in 2019, this subscription service lets users access a wide range of apps and games without ads or extra charges, similar to Apple Arcade.
  6. Sharing with Family: The Family Library feature lets users share bought apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books with up to five family members, helping everyone discover new favorites without paying more.
  7. App Ratings: Apps and games have age group ratings, which help users choose suitable content based on regional rating guidelines.
  8. Highlighting Quality: The Android Excellence program showcases well-made apps known for their design, functionality, and optimization.
  9. Gift Cards and Codes: Users can buy content with gift cards and promotional codes, making shopping easy without a credit card and helping developers attract new users.
  10. Worldwide Access: Google Play is available in over 190 countries, offering localized versions to meet users’ language and cultural needs everywhere, helping developers reach a broad audience.

Google Play has changed how Android users find and use apps and digital content, constantly updating to better serve the worldwide Android community.

Font and Colors

Google Play icon logo

The online store’s current logo is similar to the icons of other Google services (music, games, books, films). Each of them contains a colorful silhouette of a play button and a specific symbol that indicates the type of media. Only Google Play has nothing on the triangular button: it is bright enough without it.

The font used in the Google Play wordmark is called Product Sans. This is a modern geometric sans serif designed specifically for the needs of Google and unites its brands. It was created in 2015 based on four typefaces: Avenir, Tempo, Neuzeit Grotesk, and Futura. The influence of Futura is most noticeable, except for the very different “a.”

The gray inscription is combined with a triangle, which has all the corporate colors of the American corporation. After a redesign carried out in 2022, their shades are closer to the “reference.” The green (#34A853), yellow (#FBBC04), red (#EA4335), and blue (#4285F4) are now rich and vibrant enough to match the palette of other new Google logos.

Google Play color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#4285f4
RGB:66 133 244
CMYK:73 44 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2727C
CinnabarHex color:#e53e30
RGB:229 62 48
CMYK:10 100 100 0
Pantone:PMS 179 C
Selective YellowHex color:#fbbc04
RGB:251 188 4
CMYK:5 25 100 0
Pantone:PMS 7408 C
Chateau GreenHex color:#2c9a42
RGB:0 240 118
CMYK:100 0 51 6
Pantone:PMS 7739 C
Trolley GrayHex color:#5f6368
RGB:95 99 104
CMYK:62 51 48 20
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 10 C

What does the Google Play logo mean?

The logo in the form of a colorful triangle appeared on Google Play in 2012, immediately after the service was renamed, so it is obvious that the geometric shape mimics a play button. In essence, this is an illustration of the word Play. The developers did not put other values into it.

What is the font of the Google Play logo?

The font used for the Google Play wordmark is called Product Sans. It was created by Google specialists based on the geometric sans Futura. Since 2015, this typeface has been featured on almost all logos of all corporation products. Its distinctive feature is the uniform thickness of the lines, the beveled crossbeam of the letter “e,” and a combination of rounds and right angles.