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The closed community represents the Google Plus logo. There are heated debates and exchanges within the network. The platform is more than just a place for correspondence. It has enough additional useful functions, says the emblem.

Google Plus: Brand overview

Founded:June 28, 2011
Mountain View, California, U.S.
Google Plus is a closed social network and blog platform of the service of the same name. Its author, owner, and developer is Google Inc. Location – Mountain View, California.

Meaning and History

Google Plus Symbol

The corporate logo appeared in June 2011 in parallel with the launch of the social network. As conceived by the creators, it is based on circles, reflected in the graphic sign. In April 2019, it lost its relevance due to the closure of the platform for regular accounts. Now it has limited use.

What is Google Plus?

It is Google’s social networking site, launched in mid-2011. At first, it was a public service that anyone could use, but since 2019 it has been closed for everyone except those with G Suite accounts.

Google Plus: Interesting Facts

Google Plus, or Google+, was a social network by Google. It started in June 2011 but closed down for personal accounts in April 2019.

  1. Working with Google Stuff: Google+ was all mixed in with other Google things like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search. You can share things easily across Google, and your Google+ profile is your ID for Google’s world.
  2. Circles for Friends: A cool part of Google+ was “Circles.” This lets you group your friends and choose who you share stuff with, so not everyone sees everything. It was supposed to make sharing more like real life.
  3. Video Chats with Hangouts: Google+ has “Hangouts” for video chats with one person or many people. Hangouts became pretty popular, especially for chatting for fun or work.
  4. Pages for Everything Else: Like Facebook, Google+ has its version for businesses, brands, and others to connect with people. These pages help them show up better in Google searches.
  5. Auto Awesome Photos: Thanks to some smart technology, Google+ Photos can automatically create cool pictures, such as animations or panoramas, from your photos.
  6. Helping with Searches: Sharing stuff on Google+ could help you show up better in Google searches. It even made searches more personal by showing you things shared by people you know.
  7. Privacy Problems and Goodbye: Google+ had to shut down partly because of worries about keeping user information safe. A big problem emerged in 2018 when user data was exposed, and not enough people were using it anyway.
  8. What’s Left Behind: After Google+ ended, some of its features remained in other Google services. Photos continued to share photos, and Hangouts led to new tools like Google Meet and Google Chat for talking to people.

Google+ is now a part of social network history. It tried many new things, some still around in other ways. Even though it didn’t last, it showed what could be done and learned from trying.

Font and Colors

Google Plus Emblem

The base of the logo is a capital G, in the same font as the rest of Google’s decals. On the right side, there is a “+.” Both elements are inside the circle.

The colors are red (scarlet) and white. The first is the sphere; the second is the letter and the plus sign. Also, the designers used a contrast effect in the logo so that it does not look flat.

Google Plus color codes

CinnabarHex color:#dd4b39
RGB:221 75 57
CMYK:0 66 74 13
Pantone:PMS Warm Red C

What does the Google Plus logo mean?

The Google Plus logo denotes the connection of this social network with the rest of Google services because its design follows the overall branding concept.

What is Google Plus?

It is Google’s social networking site, launched in mid-2011. At first, it was a public service that anyone could use, but since 2019 it has been closed for everyone except those with G Suite accounts.

What is the G + icon?

The full social network logo contains a white text “Google+” in a red rectangle. There is also an icon with only one capital letter, “G,” with a plus. It uses a similar color combination as in the first case.

What is the font of the Google Plus logo?

The designers chose the same font used for wordmarks on other Google products for the Google Plus logo. It’s called Product Sans. This grotesque was developed in 2015 based on the Futura typeface and has been used in the branding of the American corporation ever since.