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Google Plus Logo

Google Plus Logo
Google Plus Logo PNG

Google Plus is a closed social network and blog platform of the service of the same name. Its author, owner, and developer is Google Inc. Location – Mountain View, California.

Meaning and History

Google Plus Symbol

The corporate logo appeared in June 2011 in parallel with the launch of the social network. As conceived by the creators, it is based on circles, reflected in the graphic sign. In April 2019, it lost its relevance due to the closure of the platform for regular accounts. Now it has limited use.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Google Plus Emblem

The base of the logo is a capital G, in the same font as the rest of Google’s decals. On the right side, there is a “+.” Both elements are inside the circle.

The colors are red (scarlet) and white. The first is the sphere; the second is the letter and the plus sign. Also, the designers used a contrast effect in the logo so that it does not look flat.