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The entertainment service uses the simplest possible graphic symbol. In addition, the Goojara logo is very practical as it represents the site’s name, where you can enjoy movies, series, TV shows, and other high-definition video content. The pleasant palette of the emblem creates a favorable atmosphere for selection and viewing.

Goojara: Brand overview

The entertainment platform Goojara offers a large selection of high-definition video content (Full HD, HDTV, HDR, and more) – more than a thousand TV shows, movies, and series in English. They are broadcast in streaming mode, but it is also possible to download files to a computer. The extensive collection includes both novelties of cinema and classic films that have earned universal love. The online cinema works for free: viewers do not have to pay membership fees or buy the right to view content.

Meaning and History

Goojara Logo History

The video service Goojara was created in 2020 and immediately gained popularity among the English-speaking audience. It allows you to watch movies of good quality for free and even download them to your computer. The site only makes money from the ads displayed when the video starts.

In the online cinema, you can search for content by title and sort by genre, alphabetically, year of release, and other parameters. Dramas, documentaries, comedies, action films, biopics, and cartoons are just a small part of what is included in the vast collection of Goojara. Among them are thousands of Bollywood and Hollywood masterpieces of cinema. Popular series are collected separately, and new episodes regularly appear in this section.

What is Goojara?

Goojara is an English-language video service that appeared in 2020. It allows you to watch movies, cartoons, and series free from computers or mobile devices. At the same time, the site is commercial because its owners earn on advertising.

Registration is not required to view video content: users can freely run movies on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. It is worth noting that the website operates illegally because it does not have official agreements with film studios. Therefore, he often changes domains to bypass blocking in different countries.

Pirate online cinema uses a neutral design logo that does not hint at its scope or content. It reflects the name Goojara as it consists of only one lettering in white. The main word is typed in a sans-serif capital font. It is followed by a square dot and followed by the .to domain, part of the video service’s URL.

The logo is displayed in the left corner of the top panel of the site. This UI element is completely dark blue, as is the background of the wordmark, so it’s hard to tell exactly where their border is. And yet, the majority is inclined to believe that the inscription is enclosed in a horizontal rectangle and aligned in the center.

The video service logo contains part of its domain address. Apart from the inscription, there is nothing there because the designers decided to focus on the word “GOOJARA.” To make the name of the online cinema even more noticeable, they highlighted it in capital letters. Remarkably, there is not a single element in the logo that would indicate the site’s specifics – nothing related to streaming video content.

Font and Colors

Goojara Symbol

The entertainment platform logo has simple typography, as it is represented by only one font, very similar to Khmer Nettra Regular from CLS Solution. Judging by the 100% match of the shape of the glyphs, this is it. The creators of the wordmark did not change a single detail, leaving the letters as they were original. The grotesque from the Khmer Nettra family is reminiscent of M Hei Medium and Arial Regular in style.

It is noteworthy that the developers translated all the characters in the word “GOOJARA” to uppercase and made “t” and “o” after the square dot lowercase. The inscription is completely white because it is in this color that it stands out best against a dark blue background.

Goojara color codes

YInMn BlueHex color:#2d6bb4
RGB:46 107 180
CMYK:75 41 0 29
Pantone:PMS 285 C