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The Goosebumps logo simultaneously frightens and intrigues. The style of the emblem is immediately associated with the theme of horror, and evil creatures peeking out from the protrusions and curves of the letters can be seen.

Goosebumps: Brand overview

Founder:R. L. Stine
United States

Goosebumps is a series of children’s horror books created by writer and producer Robert Lawrence Stine. It includes 62 fantastic stories for children and teenagers, written from 1992 to 1997. After 2000, 36 books were reissued with new covers and illustrations. There was also a Goosebumps 2000 spin-off of 25 books, an additional cycle with game books Give Yourself Goosebumps, and a Canadian series that ran until 1998.

Meaning and History

Goosebumps Logo History

The logo was developed by Tim Jacobus, who illustrated the covers of almost all stories of the classic series and the spin-off. The emblem adorns each of the books. The main differences in the symbols lie in the color, which changes depending on the tone of the illustrations and the book’s content. There is also a difference in the font size, which became smaller if a personal title of the story was placed next to Goosebumps.

What is Goosebumps?

It’s a horror story franchise that found its embodiment in books and films. It was created specifically for older children by American horror author R. L. Stine. Over 400 million copies of the books published by Scholastic Corporation have been sold worldwide.

1992 – 1999

Goosebumps Logo

The emblem is executed in the form of spreading paint, covering scratches left by the claws of some monster. The inscription looks slippery and sticky. The uneven outlines form letters screaming in terror, writhing in fear. The protruding elements are like the horns and claws of evil creatures.

The contours of the characters are far from calligraphy and do not correspond to the usual. This refers to a plot that goes beyond the boundaries of familiar reality. In each book, children encounter mutants, ghosts, and monsters, opening doors to the afterlife and fantastical world.

The emblem seems to bring to life the childhood fears that keep you awake at night. The sign was used without changes for the TV series – a screen adaptation of the story from the classic collection.

Font and Colors

The bright green color of the logo hints at a mucous substance. In the second book, it represented plants that had been experimented on. In the third, it was the blood of a monster bought from a toy store. In the fourth, it was the flash from a photo, and so on. The unnaturalness of the shade speaks of the supernatural events of the stories. The thin black edging is like the slightest boundary between truth and fiction. Perhaps, it represents common sense, which prevents fantasies from the books from spilling into the real world.

The font of the inscription is unique. It was created specifically in a horror style and perfectly corresponds to the general theme of the books and films.

Goosebumps color codes

Lime GreenHex color:#38cc01
RGB:56 204 1
CMYK:73 0 100 20
Pantone:PMS 802 C
BlackHex color:#000100
RGB:0 1 0
CMYK:100 0 100 100
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C